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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

From traditional gifts like chocolate, perfume, and jewelry, to the unique like mugs, prints, and candles, we have lots of great Valentine's gifts in store, whether you're shopping for your true love, your bestie, or treating yourself. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Enamel Heart Locket

This pretty heart necklace doubles as a locket, so your loved one can keep a special photo or small keepsake close to their heart.

Date Better Chocolates

Whether your date likes almonds, cashews, peanut butter, or hazelnut, there's a unique, tasty flavor combination for them in these chocolate-covered dates. 

Love, Michigan & Detroit Mugs

Show your favorite Detroiter or Michigander some love with these cute, heart-covered mugs for them to enjoy their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in. 

You're My Favorite Travel Candle

This candle tells it like it is and is the perfect way to show your Valentine that they're your #1. 

Michigan Cherry Chocolates

These chocolates celebrate one of Michigan's best resources, the cherry! With their cute pink packaging, they make the perfect sweet treat for your Valentine. 

Boy Smells Fragrance

The perfect blend of masculine and feminine scent notes, these fragrances from Boy Smells make a lovely gift for the a special someone. 

Dave's Sweet Tooth Chocolates

For your sweetie with a sweet tooth, nothing is better than these pouches of locally-made toffee. 

Heart-Shaped Ceramic Earrings & Necklaces

Show your special someone that you've given them your heart with this pretty, delicate heart-shaped jewelry. 

Love Is Real Print

Sometimes a little reminder is all you need, and this print makes a thoughtful gift for someone who made you believe that love is real. 

Detroit Rose Candles

Featuring soothing scents and all-natural ingredients, these classic candles from Detroit Rose are a must-have for a romantic night in.  

Sanders Chocolates

These classic Detroit chocolates are a tried-and-true sweet treat, guaranteed to delight your Valentine. 

Willow & Water Bubble Bath

What's more romantic and relaxing than a bubble bath? Soak up the bliss with this bubble bath featuring rich, replenishing coco butter and skin-pampering green tea. 

Love-Themed Mugs

If your loved one is a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker, what better way to show your love for them than with one of these expressive mugs? 

Fleur Sauvage Pendant

This intricate yet elegant necklace from Océanne is a beautiful and clever way to give the gift of flowers that last forever. 

Morito Chocolates

A chocolate-lover's dream, this vegan, gluten-free, organic chocolate from Morito is packed with flavor and will be sure to make your Valentine smile. 

Kelly + Jones Perfumes

Inspired by wines, mezcal, and the natural world, Kelly + Jones perfumes and fragrance oils are the perfect blend of the finer things in life and make a great gift for the person you want to share them with. 

Wine Glasses

No Valentine's Day date is complete without a glass of wine, and these cute Michigan and Detroit-themed stemless wine glasses will complete the evening. 

I Fucking Love You Candle

For when you don't want to waste words, this candle tells it like it is, plain and simple.  

Coco Chocolate Bars


Daisy & Goldenrod Necklaces

These pretty floral necklaces, made from sustainably-sourced wildflowers, will last a lifetime and make a great alternative to a traditional bouquet. 

Bath Soaks

Enjoy a relaxing, romantic soak for two with these bath soaks infused with soothing ingredients like rosehip and cannabidiol. 

Raaka Chocolate Bars

With nuanced flavors and a careful roasting process, these sustainably-sourced chocolate bars from Raaka are a chocolate lover's dream. 

MCMC Perfume Oils

These perfume oils are inspired by the natural landscapes and flora of romantic locales, making this the perfect Valentine's gift to conjure sweet memories. 

Love Potion Candle

This candle featuring notes of jasmine blossoms, lavender, and mandarin is reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers and is the perfect gift for someone who's got you under their love spell. 

Crow & Moss Chocolate Bars

These artisan, bean-to-bar chocolate bars are locally made and a true treat. Give your Valentine an update from the traditional boxed chocolate with one of these special bars. 

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