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Zodiac Gift Guide: Aquarius

Known as the "weirdos of the Zodiac," we love Aquariuses for exactly that. Full of dreaminess, whimsy, artistic flair, and compassion, we love celebrating this colorful, unique air sign. Click the links or the photos below to shop!


Itty Bitt Titty Necklace & Studs

Quirky Aquarians will appreciate this playful, feminist jewelry, and as a bonus, it comes in one of their lucky colors - silver!

Map Travel Bag Set

Aquariuses love to travel and explore new places, and this handy map-themed travel bag set will ensure their suitcase is nice and organized as they embark on their next adventure. 

You Are Magic Baby Key Tag 

Colorful Aquariuses radiate magic, and this cute key tag is a great way to let your bestie know you appreciate them.

Botanica Candles

These colorful candles will appeal to Aquariuses' humanitarian streak, as proceeds from each sale benefit a non-profit organization in the region-specific area they collect their fragrance ingredients from. Each candle is also packed with citrus and floral scent notes favorable to the air sign, like water lily, blood orange, lemon balm, and lavender.

Friends Throw Blanket

Aquariuses are all about their friends, and it's "the more the merrier" with this sign. They'll love cozying up in the winter month of their birthday with this cute blanket that celebrates the many faces of friendship.

Cloud Mug

As an air sign, Aquariuses may seem like they have their head in the clouds, but who says that's a bad thing? They'll love these cute and funky cloud mugs, especially in their lucky color of purple.  

Free the Tipple Cocktail Book

Quirky Aquariuses will appreciate this cute cocktail book that serve as a guidebook for crafting drinks some feminist inspiration all in one. 

Third Eye Tiger, I Got Lucky in Detroit, Detroit's Happening, & Hamtramck is for Lovers T-Shirts

With their offbeat style, Aquariuses will appreciate these cheeky t-shirts that celebrate the Motor City in a fun, unique way.

Celfie Pots

Why use a regular old plant pot when you can have one with a face? These cute celfie plant pots will tickle Aquariuses' fancy for doing things the creative way.

Gummy Candies

Aquariuses like to tap into their inner child, and what better way to bring it out than with some tasty gummy candies?

Poketo Nail Polish

Fans of the bright and bold, Aquarians will love this highly pigmented nail polish collection from Poketo, available in a rainbow of hues featuring some of their lucky colors, like purple, aquamarine, and electric blue. 

Amethyst Gemstone Necklace & Studs

For February Aquarians, these pretty pieces featuring their birthstone make the perfect gift. 

Have A Nice Day Detroit Tote Bag

This cute tote bag will help Aquariuses spread their positive vibes all around their favorite city. 

Realm Candles

Basic candles won't cut it for whimsical Aquariuses, and these fun, colorful candles from Paddywax will make a cute vase or drinking glass once the candle is used up. 

Moglea Notebooks & Workbooks

Quirky Aquarians have lots of dreams, novel ideas, song lyrics, and plans to save the world floating around in their heads and need somewhere to put them all. They'll appreciate that these notebooks and workbooks are as expressive as they are practical. 

Carry On Cocktail Kits

Aquariuses are full of wanderlust, and these cute carry on cocktail kits will ensure that they'll always have their favorite cocktail on them, no matter where in the world they are.

Science Craft Kits

Aquariuses are artistic, but they're also intrigued by all things scientific, and they'll have a blast with these fun kits that will engage their science-side.

Swirl Barrettes & Squiggle Clip

These fun clips are the perfect accessory for funky Aquariuses who will wear them well.

Use Your Powers For Good Print

Known for their humanitarian efforts, this cosmic print will resonate with good-hearted Aquariuses.  

Reusable Produce Bags

Eco-conscious Aquariuses know that single-use plastics are out, and colorful, reusable produce bags are in. 

Rope Candles

Regular old taper candles won't work for an Aquarius dinner party; these colorful rope candles will dress up their table with color and style.

Heidelberg Project Pin & Love All Pin

Aquariuses will love decorating their bags, jackets, hats, and more with these cute enamel pins featuring two of their favorite things: art and love. 

Baby Baggu Bags & Fanny Packs

On trend, environmentally friendly, and stylish are three things that your Aquarius friend will love about these Baggu bags and fanny packs. 

Retea Tea

Aquariuses will love that each each bag of this tasty tea provides up to 10 hours of education for a refugee child.

Rainbow Suncatchers

Dreamy Aquarians will love these rainbow suncatchers that will make their outer world as sunny and colorful as their inner one. 

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