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Zodiac Gift Guide: Pisces

As a water sign, Pisces are caring, sensitive, and unafraid to dive deep into their emotions, all while maintaining a sunny disposition, an optimistic outlook, and a thoughtful nature. Celebrate the creative sign with one of these gifts they'll be sure to appreciate - click the links or the photos below to shop!

The Single Heart Necklace

Pisces love love, and like to wear their hearts on their sleeves - or around their neck with these cute ceramic heart necklaces. 

Fresh Coast Best Coast Patch & Mug

Represented by the fish, Pisceans feel at home in the water, and the Michigander Pisces in your life will especially appreciate this homage to the Great Lakes State. 

Market Ceramic Candles

Lovers of the outdoors and fresh fruits, Pisces will appreciate the floral and citrus scents found in these market-inspired candles from Paddywax.

Stained Glass Sun Catchers

The dreamers of the Zodiac, Pisces will love the iridescent glow these pretty sun catchers will provide to their daydreams. 

Old Whaling Co. Bath Bombs & Soaps

With scent notes like ocean breeze, driftwood, and sea spray, these beachy-inspired bath bombs and soaps from the Old Whaling Co. in the coastal town of Charleston, SC will bring out Pisces' inner mermaid. 

Market Bags

Sensitive Pisces care deeply about the planet and the people in it, and will appreciate these pretty, reusable market bags that cut down on single-use plastics. 

Macrame Rainbow Earrings

Whimsical Pisces have a fondness for all things colorful, and these cute macrame rainbow earrings will perfectly complement their sunny disposition.

Baggu Pillow Cases

Dreamy Pisces need a cozy place to lay their heads at night, and these colorful pillow cases from Baggu will ensure a great night's sleep.

Great Lakes Soy Wax Candle

Water-loving Pisces will love this clean-smelling candle inspired by the fresh waters of the Great Lakes. 

La Joy Patch

Bubbly Pisces are full of joy and will love this fuzzy patch inspired by their favorite beverage.

Worthwhile Paper Notebooks

Introspective Pisces like to reminisce and get their feelings down, and these cute, locally-made notebooks will help them clear their heads.

Formulary 55 Skincare Line

Made from sea salts and minerals, this collection of skincare goods will keep self-care loving Pisces glowing and refreshed from head to toe. 

Be Lucky Key Fob

Pisces are happy-go-lucky and the most likely of the Zodiac signs to be in touch with their psychic abilities, so this cute key fob will serve as both a reminder to stay optimistic and a good luck charm. 

Velvet Hoops

These colorful velvet hoops will resonate with warm and fuzzy Pisces. 

Calhoun Throw & Knit Blankets

Cozy Pisces will love curling up and having sweet dreams with these gorgeous patterned throw and knit blankets from Calhoun.

Detroit Rainbow T-Shirt

For your favorite Detroit Pisces, this rainbow t-shirt is the perfect way to show Motor City pride. 

Checkmate Candles

Featuring scent notes of lemon, apple, pear, lavender, and peony, these adorable checkered candles from Paddywax will speak to Pisces' love of all things floral and fruity. 

La Sirena Bottle Opener

Known as the mermaids of the Zodiac, water signs Pisces will feel a kinship with this clever bottle opener. 

Baggu Puffy Earbud Cases

Pisces are the most music-loving sign of them all, and they'll love these puffy earbud cases that will help them escape into their headphones all day long. 

Inquire Within Deck

Due to their optimistic and open-minded nature, Pisces are the sign with the strongest connection to their psychic abilities, and this fun "inquire within" deck will give them a daily prompt or encouragement that will nurture their clairvoyance. 

Tea Drops

Pisces are content with a night in, and these fun tea drops will help them cozy up with something delicious. 

Jenny Lemons Hair Clips

These hair clips, barrettes, and claws from Jenny Lemons are the definition of cute, and Pisces will be enchanted with their whimsy.

Old Whaling Co. Candles

Pisces will love lighting these coastal-inspired candles from Old Whaling Co., and sitting back and imagining they're at the beach, where they belong. 

Mermaid Mask & Spirit and Salt Mist

Low-key Pisces don't want an elaborate routine, and this mask and mist from Fat and the Moon feature all-natural ingredients derived from nature to give the water sign their perfect mermaid beach hair and skin. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cards, Pin, & Mug

Pisces will love any merch featuring the ultimate Pisces, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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