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Zodiac Gift Guide: Cancer

Intuitive, compassionate, and ever-nuturing, Cancers' emotions can be as deep as the ocean and as mysterious as the moon that rules them. We've curated a collection of some of our favorite gifts for the sensitive water sign so you can treat your favorite Cancer to something lovely - just watch for the waterworks ;) Click the links or photos below to shop!

Brass Star and Moon Mobile & Moonlight Garland

Ruled by the moon, sensitive, intuitive Cancers will love these pretty lunar decorations that will make their home a pretty, cozy haven. 

Maison Louis Marie Parfums & Perfume Oils

These fresh, pretty perfumes feature scent notes that evoke greenhouses, forests, and botanical gardens, some of whimsical Cancers' favorite places. 

Single Heart Necklace

Sensitive Cancers wear their hearts on the sleeve, but they'll love this pretty necklace to wear it around their necks, too!

Pretzel, Bagel, & Donut Making Kits

One of the most domestically-inclined signs of the Zodiac, Cancers will love spending time in their kitchen whipping up these warm, tasty treats. 

Old Whaling Co. Candles

These coastal-inspired candles featuring scent notes like sea spray, jasmine, and bergamot will remind water sign Cancers of their favorite beach days and ocean breezes.

Original Duckhead Umbrella

No one makes the best of a rainy day like Cancers, and this cute Original Duckhead umbrella will help them bring the sunshine with them wherever they go. 

Plants and Animals, State Symbols, & Wildflowers of Michigan Mugs

Nature-loving Cancers will enjoy their morning cup of coffee or evening cup of tea with these pretty, City Bird-original mugs that celebrate the flora and fauna of Michigan. 

Calhoun Blankets

Cancers are known for being homebodies, and these fun, knit blankets from Calhoun will help ensure that their home sweet home stays cozy and comfy for all their nights in. 

Daughter of the Moon Bath Soak

Lighting candles, reading books, and relaxing in a warm bath is water sign Cancer's perfect night in. Treat them to this rejuvenating bath soak from Daughter of the Land, featuring dreamy ingredients like rosehip and jasmine. 

Blood Drop Dagger Earrings

Deeply feeling Cancers aren't afraid of a little emotional bloodshed, and these cute dagger earrings will help your favorite Cancer demonstrate their capacity for the profound. 

Pasta, Ramen, & Dumplings Cookbooks

Warm, rich foods like pasta, ramen, and dumplings are the perfect comfort foods for cozy Cancers, who will love a delicious new way to eat their feelings. 

Short & Tall Arch Candles

Cozy Cancers love to make their house feel like a home, and these cute, decorative arch candles will make the perfect addition to their space. 

Cavallini Tote Bags

These vintage, nature-inspired tote bags will speak to Cancers sentimental nature and be the perfect vessel for carrying around all their favorite things. 

Emily Paige Can Glass Cups

From smoothies to iced coffee to lemonade and more, these adorable can glasses from Emily Page will put a smile on the face of your favorite Cancer cutie. 

Decorative Matches

When it comes to home decorating, Cancers spare no detail, and will love these cute match sets to complement their favorite candles. 

Fat and the Moon Face & Body Oils

Cancers are ruled by the moon and love a self-care moment, making these soothing, rejuvenating face and body oils the perfect present for them to treat themselves with. 

Mini Ice Cream Hair Claw

Cancers are big ol' softies who will make you melt, just like this adorable ice cream hair clip they can wear all summer long. 

Hawkins New York Waffle Dish Towels, Linen Oven Mitts, & Linen Pot Holders

Featuring a warm, soft color palette, this beautiful yet simple kitchen set will elevate Cancer's cooking game as well as their home decor game. 

Brooklyn Minimalist Candles

With clean, fresh scents like sage, jasmine, and gardenia, these beautiful, simple candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio are a sweet Cancer's dream. 

Baggu Soft Sun Hat

Born in June and July, Cancer summer babies will love these adorable Baggu sun hats that will keep them protected from the sun and looking cute. 

Blume Micro-Ground Blends

These micro-ground blends are the perfect pick-me-up to support mental and physical health, and will give intense Cancers a much-needed moment of focus and me-time. 

House Plant Care Books

Nurturing Cancers tend to be caretakers, and their supportive nature extends to their plants. These guide books will help them take care of their indoor gardens, making sure they don't overwater. 

Cavallini Puzzles 

Homebody Cancers will love these gorgeous vintage-inspired puzzles from Cavallini, the perfect rainy day activity. 

Luna Moon Print

Sensitive, nurturing Cancers relate to their ruling celestial body, the moon, and this pretty print that features all its phases will appeal to their many-faceted sides.  

Raaka, Crow and Moss, & Coco Chocolate Bars

Chocolate fixes everything, and when Cancers get a little overwhelmed, they'll love being able to treat themselves to one of these decadent, delicious chocolate bars. 

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