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Summer Road Trip Essentials

Summer in Michigan is the perfect time to pack your bags and hit the road! We've got everything you need to make the most of your road trip no matter where you're heading - because, after all, it's all about the journey. Click the links or the photos below to shop!


Organization, Accessories & Planning

Sunglasses Cases

Sunglasses are a must-have for a road trip, and these cute cases will help keep them safe when they're not on your eyes. 

Compact Backpack

If your road trip includes a hiking, biking, or camping destination, this compact backpack is perfect! It unfolds to a full size when you need it, and can be easily folded back into its compact size when you are done with minimal space. 

Baggu Flat Pouch SetCavallini Pouches

Keep snacks, electronics, toiletries, and more organized and handy with these pretty pouches, perfect for car travel.

Baggu Fanny Pack

Perfect for on-the-go adventures, these trendy fanny packs make traveling in style a breeze.


Whether worn around your neck, in your hair, or even on your furry friend, these versatile bandanas are a must-have for any adventure. 

Baggu Drawstring Backpacks

Packing light is essential for road trips, and these drawstring backpacks from Baggu can fit lots of your essential items, including laptops, toiletries, and clothes. 

Baggu Soft Sun Hat

This cute sun hat easily folds up, making it the perfect accessory for your next summer road trip to the beach, lake, or sea. 

Car Air Fresheners

Cars can double as kitchens and bedrooms on a road trip, so you'll want to keep your space smelling fresh with these air fresheners, featuring scents inspired by the great outdoors. 

Camping Michigan, Hiking the UP, & Michigan Folding Pocket Guides

If headed to the UP or any of Michigan's many beautiful summer destinations, you'll want to pack one of these great guide books and folding nature guides to help you engage with the local flora and fauna. 

Kids' Toys & Games

Great Lakes Wildlife Nature Activity Book

Keep kids entertained with this fun Great Lakes wildlife-themed activity book, featuring games, puzzles, and quizzes that will keep little ones engaged in learning about nature. 


For the littlest road trip companions, these rattles are essential entertainment.

Colored Pencils, Markers, Pens, & Crayons

Avoid "are we there yet"s with these colorful, mess-free sets of crayons, gel pens, markers, and colored pencils, that pair perfectly with...

Scratch and Scribble Pads, Animal Carry Along Sketchbooks, & 32 Ways to Dress Animals

These coloring, drawing, and activity books will keep kids entertained for hours, no matter how long your journey is. 

Stuffed Animals

Car naps will be irresistible with these cuddly friends. 

Kids' Books

These kids' books make the perfect companion for Michigan road trips, keeping kids entertained in the car, hotels or motels, or tents, wherever in the Great Lakes State your journey takes you.

Michigan Playing Cards

It's good to have a game on hand when traveling with family, and this handy Michigan-themed deck of cards will keep everyone in good spirits in a traffic jam or rain storm. 

Snacks & Travel Food/Drink


Michigummies & Hey Yum! Gummies

These gummies are the perfect road trip snack for when you're craving a sweet (or sour!) treat. 

Travel Mugs

Road trips require a lot of caffeine whether you're the driver or the passenger, and these travel mugs will make it easy to fuel up for your journey. 

Travel Stemless Wine Glasses

If a campsite or hiking trail is the destination of your road trip, you'll want one of these handy stemless travel wine glasses to sip back and relax at the end of your journey. 

Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated on long stretches of highway is important, and these reusable water bottles will ensure you take care of your body on the go. 

Produce Bags & Goldeluxe Wax Wraps

Road trips and travel mean lots of snacking and on-the-go eating, and these produce bags and reusable wax wraps will ensure no leftover goes uneaten. 

Plastic BowlsSeal Tight Containers

These reusable food containers are perfect for eating fruit, veggies, sandwiches, and salads on-the-go, and will be a welcome break from fast food and gas station snacks. 

Travel Utensils

These handy travel utensils are a must-have for outdoor picnics, campsites, or even on the road. 

Camp Craft Cocktail Kits

These fun cocktail kits come with everything you need to enjoy a delicious cocktail on-the-go - just add your favorite liquor!  

Detroit Clothing & Accessories

Detroit T-Shirts

No matter where your road trip leads you, you can show off your Motor City pride with these fun t-shirts that celebrate Detroit. 

Detroit Tote Bags

These tote bags will simultaneously keep your things organized, and let the people you meet on your travels know where you're from - win-win!

Detroit Baseball Caps

Perfect for hiking, these cute Detroit baseball hats will keep you shaded and cool no matter where your travels take you. 

Detroit Pins & Patches

These pins and patches will show off your Detroit pride and are perfect for jackets, tote bags, hats, and more!

Detroit Car Decals

Adorn your car with these fun Detroit and 313 decals so you can road trip in style. 

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