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Teacher Gifts Collection

It's graduation season, and that means it's time to show appreciation for teachers for all they've done throughout the school year. Shop our collection of gifts that will help your or your child's favorite teacher unwind, relax, and treat themselves all summer. Click the links or the photos below to shop!


Whether they prefer fresh, floral, or earthy scents, we have a huge candle selection that will help your favorite teacher unwind and make the most of their summer months at home. 

I'd Rather Be Reading Patch

For the English and literature teachers or a favorite librarian, this cute patch makes a great gift for any bookworm. 


Teachers run on coffee, and these cute mugs will help them stay fueled up all day long. 

13" & 16" Laptop Sleeves

From PowerPoints to PDFs, teachers' laptops get a good workout! Help them keep their most important teaching tool safe with these cute puffy laptop sleeves, available in 13 and 16 inches. 


No matter what subject they teach, teachers get their hands dirty. These luxurious, scented handcremes will help them treat their hands to some much deserved TLC. 

Porter Plastic Bowl & Travel Utensils

Packing lunches will feel exciting again with this eco-friendly reusable plastic bowl and travel utensil set from Porter, perfect for salads, rice bowls, or noodles. 

Tote Bags

Books, lesson plans, laptops, even snacks - teachers carry it all, and these stylish tote bags will help them stay organized. 

Craig's Coffee & James Oliver Coffee

These handcrafted, locally blended coffees will give teachers the energy they need to power through the school week. 

Retro Michigan Pennant 

This vintage-inspired pennant will bring back memories of school spirit and make the perfect classroom decor for a Michigander teacher. 

Pens & Pencils

A classic gift, teachers can never have enough pens and pencils. 

Camp Craft Cocktail Kits

Let's face it - teachers could use a drink. These fun kits from Camp Craft Cocktails come with all the ingredients to make a tasty, flavorful beverage; they'll just need to add their favorite spirit!

Bath Soaks

Treat your favorite teacher to a self care moment with one of these soothing, luxurious bath soaks, salts, and bombs that are sure to melt away the stress of the school year. 

Reusable Water Bottles

Teaching can be exhausting, and hydration is of the utmost importance for busy educators who will love these stylish, reusable water bottles. 


This incense collection will help create a relaxing atmosphere after a long day at school. 

Ope! Eraser

Teachers know better than anyone that mistakes happen, and they'll love correcting students' errors with this cute, Michigan-inspired ope! eraser. 

Slow Jams & Gus & Grey Preserves

Nothing says "thank you" like homemade jams, and these locally made jams and preserves make a sweet gift for a great teacher. 

Art Prints

These prints are as pretty as they are educational, and make great classroom decor!

Science Kits

Science teachers will get a kick out of these fun kits that bring science to life, in or out of the classroom. 


These delicious, soothing teas will encourage teachers to unwind and treat themselves. 

Pencil Box & Pouches

These cute pouches and pencil box are perfect for storing markers, art supplies, or hidden snacks for your favorite teacher's desk. 

Balms & Salves

Great for both lips and skin, these soothing balms and salves are like a drink of water for the face and body and will be a little pick me up for busy teachers. 

Notepads & Notebooks

Teachers have a lot to keep track of, and these cute notepads and notebooks will help them keep their ideas, lesson plans, and to-do lists straight. 

Travel Mugs & Tumblers

From school to office hours to extracurriculars, teachers stay on the move and will love these travel mugs and tumblers for a much-needed caffeine boost. 

Chocolate Bars

These expertly crafted chocolate bars will show your favorite teacher you know they deserve only the best.

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