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Craig's Coffee 12oz bag

Craig's Coffee 12oz bag

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Craig's Coffee was started in 2018 in Detroit, MI and has quickly made their mark around the city from pop ups, cafe's, grocery stores and more. We're proud to partner with them to carry their coffee. They currently rent production time at Coffee Haus located in the Islandview neighborhood where their coffee is roasted and packaged but will soon have their own roasting facility at 412 Peterboro St in Detroit. All of their coffee is 100% traceable - meaning they know exactly where the coffee is coming from; this includes who the farmers are, the name and region of the farm, and the processing station for which the coffee was turned from a fruit into a “bean”. Bag size: 12oz. Type: Whole bean.


  • Columbia - cantaloupe, kiwi, dark chocolate, and honey butter. Roast level: medium-light. 
  • Detroit House Blend - is a mixture of beans from Central America, South America, India, Africa, and the Caribbean. These beans have been carefully blended together to present a clean and bold cup of coffee. It has clean bright acidity, big bold chocolate, and has a lingering orange finish. 
  • Guatemala - orange sorbet, fuji apple, earl grey tea, and a rich chocolate finish. Roast level: medium-light.
  • Mexico - chocolate fudge brownies, snickerdoodle cookies, and dried oranges. Roast level: medium-light.
  • Motown Espresso Blend - an Italian inspired espresso blend with big flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnuts. The Motown Espresso Blend is great as a stand alone espresso, and it’s even better paired with dairy or alternate milk.



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