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34 of Our Staff Favorites Gifts

Our amazing City Bird staff has been hard at work preparing the shops for the holidays and enjoying a sneak-peek at all of the great gifts we have in store this season! We've picked 34 of our current shop favorites so you can check everyone off your list. Click on the photos or the links below to shop!


Michigan Food Mugs

Store Owner Emily chose this fun, City Bird-original Michigan Foods mug, saying: "Our new Michigan Foods mug is a cute and easy gift paired with some local coffee or tea, or you could add more local foods to create a thoughtful consumable gift."

Farm Steady Food Kits

Store Owner Andy has chosen these food-making kits from Farm Steady, saying: "The Farm Steady Food Kits are so fun! They are great for foodies, cooking-curious, and families with young kids alike! I recently made one of the bagel kits with my almost three-year-old and she loved making them so much! It's a fun way to learn how to make something new, and is a great gift."

Original Duckhead Umbrellas

Sales Associate Anna says about these cute Original Duckhead Umbrellas: "As an adult, I feel like the best presents are useful but special in some way. The duck head umbrellas are whimsical, but durable - and what is more practical than an umbrella? The cute little duck head is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face on a rainy day."

Local Love Ceramic Coasters

Wholesale & Bulk Sales Coordinator Katie chose these ceramic coasters, saying: "These City Bird original coasters are brand new this year! It's super easy to make a fun set of 2 or 4 to gift to someone, whether they're a Detroit sports fan, a foodie, or a nature lover!" 

Death Valley Nail Polish

These bold nail polishes are Sales Associate Lucy's pick. She says: "Their colors can't be beat, and they're vegan and cruelty-free to boot!"

Botanical Bath Tea Set

These soothing, tea-inspired bath soaks are Sales Associate Emilia's pick: "Relaxation but with a twist - instead of a bath bomb, you can relax with a bath tea! Perfect for friends and family who excel in self-care, a nice twist to the routine of bath bombs and bubble baths with a beautifully illustrated package. They also have unique blends, such as a dandelion bath tea and a motherwort one, each blend suited to fit a different vibe or need."

Pasta Cookbook

Store Manager & Assistant buyer Marissa picks this pasta cookbook, saying: "Everyone loves pasta and this seems like a really comprehensive book on how to make your own! Would be fun to give as a gift with a fun tea towel or one of our pasta shaped candles from Nata Concept."

Calhoun & Co. Throw Blankets

Web Coordinator & Visual Merchandiser Kim picks these colorful throw blankets from Calhoun & Co., saying: "These knit throws are mega adorbs! Perfect for anyone who loves to snuggle up and binge watch their favorite show. They are also the perfect size for staying cozy at a sporting event, car road trips, and as a little extra warmth during bonfire hangs. I am personally in love with the strawberry field pattern, there is just something so whimsical and cheerful about this pattern."

Oat Milk Chocolate Bar

This sweet treat was picked by Sales Associate Ashley, who says: "As a dairy free person, finding good vegan desserts is always a challenge. This Raaka chocolate is the best vegan chocolate bar I have ever tasted."

Food Shaped Candles

Communications Coordinator Charlotte selects these fun food shaped candles from Nata Concept Store, saying: "These candles are the perfect blend of silly and chic, and have been a big hit since we started carrying them. They're a cute way to pay homage to someone's favorite food, and make a great gift for a foodie, someone into home design, or just someone with a sweet sense of humor." 

Roland Pine Candle

Emily says about these classic Roland Pine candles: "I love giving Roland Pine candles to someone who is tricky to shop for or as a host gift or teacher gift. It has a luxurious piney seasonal scent that most people would like and smells amazing—I think even better than a real tree! Even though we only sell it in December it's our best selling candle for the whole year because it's so popular!"

Detroit Coney Doggy T-Shirt

Another of Andy's picks is this cute "coney doggy" t-shirt. He says: "I love the new Coney Doggy design by Pat Tausney—it now comes in both a t-shirt, a crewneck sweatshirt, and a fun little square magnet. It's a really unique and playful take on Detroit's iconic hotdog that is great for a coney, dog, coney dog, or food lover."

Baggu 13" & 16" Puffy Laptop Sleeves

Sales Associate Nicole has chosen these fun Baggu laptop sleeves, saying: "Prints are all SO cute and colorful. I love how safe they keep my laptop!"

Seven-Scent Incense Sampler

This seven-scent incense sampler is another of Anna's picks. She says: "If you know someone who likes natural, subtle scents, this incense sampler is perfect, and a great value too! It's fun to try out all the different woody scents and pick out a favorite." 

Gold Plated Daisy Necklace

Katie says about this pretty pressed daisy necklace: "I love this line of hand-cast floral jewelry - you can choose from ferns, daisies, Queen Anne's lace, bluebells, and more, to gift some soft summer vibes to a loved one's winter."

Feline Frenzy Kicker Toys

Lucy and Sales Associate Emilia both picked these cute cat toys. Lucy says: "For the cat who has (almost) everything! My cat is super picky about toys, and loves kicking the baguette around." Emilia agrees, adding: "A fun gift for cats, a moment to ask yourself...does my cat prefer sandwiches or burritos? A large toy filled with catnip to ensure many bunny-kicks from your critter at home."

Maison Louis Marie Candles, Eau du Parfums, & Perfume Oils

Kim and Nicole also chose this line of fragrant candles and perfumes. Kim says: "This is my go-to line for candles and perfumes. I like to alternate between scents depending on the season; I do No. 4 for spring and summer and No. 2 for fall and winter. A little goes a long way so it’s totally worth the investment and I’m always being asked 'What perfume are you wearing?' I usually light their No.4 candle before we host guests, it fills the room nicely without being 'too much.' I am a bit of a design packaging sucker and their boxes have that little extra touch of luxury. I love the matte finish and minimalist design - you can just simply add a little bow on the top and you have a beautiful gift!"


Nicole adds: "No. 4 perfume oil smells like winter and is a great unisex scent. I also love the candles and lotion too."


Graza Sizzle Olive Oil

This olive oil from Graza is another of Marissa's picks. She says: "I love this olive oil and it makes a cute hostess gift. Giving a gift that people can use in their everyday life is always nice and it looks fun sitting on your counter!" 

Woodfired Apple Simple Syrup & Gingerbread Simple Syrup

Another of Ashley's picks are these Meadowland simple syrups. She says: "It may be controversial, but I love using cocktail syrups in my teas. This woodfired apple was perfect for the fall cool down, and the gingerbread syrups goes well with the herbal teas for winter."

Popcorn Popper

Charlotte also picks this popcorn popper, saying: "Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, and a few years ago I got one of these poppers and it was a game changer. It's so much healthier, cheaper, and better for the planet than single-use microwavable bags, without losing any of the crunchy, salty, buttery goodness. Plus, you can really customize your flavor choices with these. I have a lot of friends who are movie buffs like me, and I can't recommend these enough for the perfect snack for cozy movie nights." 

Square Pom-Pom Trivets

Emily's also picked these cute pom-pom trivets, saying: "These pom-pom trivets are so popular and an easy and festive holiday host gift."

Ceramic Local Love Ornaments

Andy also chooses these City Bird-original ornaments, saying: "Our Ceramic Local Love ornaments are a great stocking stuffer. They add such a nice Christmas twist to so many of our popular City Bird illustrations! My personal favorites are the Spirit of Detroit Christmas ornament and the Detroit Things Ornament, but they'd all look lovely on a Christmas Tree!"

Hot Dog Hair Claw

This cute hot dog hair claw is another of Nicole's picks. She says: "Show off your Detroit love with a clip! Also great quality and sturdy!"

Rosemarine Naturally Dyed Cotton Gauze Bandanas

Anna picks these gorgeous bandanas from Rosemarine Textiles, noting: "The colors of these bandanas are so nuanced and rich and the gauze fabric is gentle and soft. They are super useful for tying around the neck to elevate an outfit or for holding back hair while on a hike...the possibilities are endless!"

Cowboy Hat Incense Holder

Katie also selects these fun incense holders from Paddywax, saying: "I gifted this to myself this year! ;) These adorable ceramic incense holders come with 100 incense sticks; the black Palo Santo Suede one is a perfect cold-weather fragrance."

Gwen Frostic Notecard Sets*

These pretty card sets from local legendary artist Gwen Frostic are another of Lucy's picks. She says: "A great gift for the letter-writer-bird-lover in your life." 
*in-store only

Hansel from Basel Crew Socks

These adorable crew socks are new to the shop and a big hit among staff, with Emilia, Kim, and Marissa all selecting these as a gift they'd love to give. Marissa specifically picks the Elfcup pattern, saying: "These are just so cute! Fun socks make a great little gift or stocking stuffer."  

Emilia picks the Don't Bug Me Ivory, Jigsaw, and Button Gingerbread patterns, adding: "I like that this brand has cotton/nylon material crew socks and the knitted ones. The designs are versatile and can fit a variety of people's person styles whether you are into more neutrals or into something fun with little bugs!"

Kim likes all the styles, noting: "I’ve been secretly eying their socks for a long time and was so excited when we brought them into the shop! They come in so many fun patterns and look so cute with mules, block heels, and everyday sneakers. Sometimes when I’m not feeling the day, I like to put on a fun pair of socks to give me that extra pep in my step. I love adding them to “cozy” or “self care” gift bundles."

Taper Candle Holders 

Another of Charlotte's picks are these ceramic taper candle holders, saying: "I love the abstract, organic shapes and muted colors of these candle holders, and they're a great price point for their quality. Taper candles are such a nice, easy way to add a little elegance or pop of fun to your home, and these holders make a great gift paired with a nice set of taper candles like these, these, or these." 


Andy also picks these candle holders, adding: "I love these whimsical modern taper candle holders. I bought them as a gift for my wife recently, and they've become a staple of our dining room table. They pair especially well with the variable natural tone tapers from Botanica."


Michigan Air Fresheners

Emily says about these City Bird-original, Michigan-themed air fresheners: "I'm going to be tucking our new Michigan-themed car fragrances on a number of gifts this year - they smell good and are fun and cute, and at $5 are an easy add-in or stocking stuffer."

American Classic Pet Toys

Katie also picks these adorable pet toys, saying: "These toys make perfect gifts for the pet parents in your life, or for your own BFF (best fur friend)!"

Ilera Body Butter

Ashley picks these luxurious body butters from local brand Ilera, saying: "Ilera Apothecary is one of my favorite Detroit brands. The aloe lotion is perfect for the weather shift and keeping up with dry hands."

Baby Baggu Totes

Charlotte loves these baby Baggu totes, saying: "I love these little reusable Baggu tote bags for lunches, and I'm obsessed with the new animal prints like the little skunks and fish. These are so handy and really help cut down on single-use plastic bags." 

Detroit Puzzle

Emily picks this fun Detroit-themed puzzle, saying: "It has such cute detailed illustrations of all of our favorite things about Detroit (even a tiny City Bird)!"

Fredericks & Mae Cutting Boards* & Cheese Knife Set

Andy also picks this colorful kitchen set, saying: "I also love the Fredericks & Mae cutting boards and cheese knife set! They are such a fun modern take on classic kitchen items. We use these at home, and they look great as serving boards, but are tough enough for everyday use in the kitchen!  They make great gifts because there are so many price points and combinations."
*in-store only

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