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30 Gifts for Foodies

Give the gift of flavor and great taste this holiday with our collection featuring 30+ delicious gifts that are perfect for the foodie in your life. Whether they're a home chef, a baker, or simply enjoy a homecooked meal, these gifts are sure to satisfy. Click the links or the photos below to shop!


From pasta and ramen to Michigan classics like pasties and cherry pie, this wide range of cookbooks features hundreds of recipes that will delight your favorite home chef as they hone their craft. 

Food Claw & Barrette Hair Clips

Whether they're salty or sweet, your favorite snackoholic will get a kick out of these charming hair claws and clips. 

Wooden Michigan SpoonsBamboo Cooking Spoon and Spatula Set

These spoon sets make a great gift for a cook or baker and will bring a little burst of happiness to their Michigan kitchen. 

Pili Hot Sauce

Give the gift of the delicious flavors of popular Detroit restaurant Baobab Fare with this East African hot sauce. Baobab Fare's fiery Pili hot sauce is a home recipe straight from Burundi and features a blend of fresh, fire-roasted habanero peppers and aromatic spices, blended in small batches for a savory sauce with a kick that pairs perfectly with eggs, chicken, fish, rice, beans, and more! 

Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Boxes 

Every chef deserves a safe place to keep their cherished recipes, and these gorgeous tin recipe boxes from Rifle Paper Co. will make sure they can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Food Shaped Candles

These adorable food-shaped candles from London-based Nata Concept Store are a cute way for your favorite foodie to enjoy a savory snack any time of the day, without the mess of cooking.  

Cheese Knife Set

For the cheese gourmand in your life, this stylish knife set includes a soft, semi-soft, and hard cheese knife and makes a perfect hostess gift that pairs great with a charcuterie board and wine. 

Mint, Basil, & Cilantro Jar Planter Kit

These herb-growing jar kits are perfect for home chefs, who will enjoy adding their very own home-grown mint, basil, and cilantro to their recipes. Ideal for kitchen windowsills, these can be enjoyed all year long. 

Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

For hot sauce aficionados, this pepper sauce is a must-try. Handcrafted with small-batch ghost peppers homegrown in West Central Georgia and blended with mild red peppers, this sauce is aged in bourbon barrels for a rich, smoky, oaky flavor profile that will lend any meal a satisfying kick. 

Illustrated Michigan Map Cocktail Tray & Michigan State Symbols Cocktail Tray

Every good host deserves a tray with which to serve their guests cocktails, appetizers, or snacks, and these City Bird-original fiberglass trays feature gorgeous Michigan-themed illustrations that will ensure serving in style. 

Baking Cookbooks

While cooking may be an art, baking is a science, and these baking-forward cookbooks are full of delicious savory and sweet bakes including pies, cookies, cakes, and lots more that will keep your favorite baker busy and you well-fed! 

City Bird Coney Dog Collection

Although you might not gift one of these coney dog-themed gifts to a true foodie, a fan of the classic Detroit food will love paying homage to their favorite snack. 

Michigan L'Oven Mitts

Michigan chefs and bakers alike will delight in this cute oven mitt that doubles as a handy map for them to point out their favorite "Mitten State" cities. 

Graza Sizzle & Drizzle Olive Oil

This wildly popular line of olive oil feature olives harvested at peak season in Spain for mellow yet rich flavors favored among chefs, perfect for "sizzling" veggies and meat, or "drizzling" over salads, in sauces, and even on ice cream.  

Upper and Lower Peninsula Cookie Cutters

For the Michigan baker, nothing beats these sweet Upper and Lower Peninsula cookie cutters so they can make the cutest cookies in the state!

Food Ornaments

Your favorite foodie will have the tastiest tree around with this collection of food-shaped ornaments, ranging from full meals like spaghetti and meatballs to tiny treats like gummy bears. 

Organic Walnut Serving Set

These organic walnut serving utensils from Hawkins New York will add a special feel to tossing salads, serving weeknight meals, or dressing up dinner parties for your favorite host or hostess.

Momofuku Chili Crunch

Founded by two-Michelin starred chef David Chang in 2004, Momofuku is on a mission to bring high-quality ingredients into the kitchens of home chefs all over the world. This line of delicious chili crunch seasoning packs a punch and adds a flavorful zip to any dish, and is a must-have for your favorite foodie.

Detroit Style Pizza Book

This book celebrates and explores the history behind unique, delicious Detroit-style pizza, and will be a great read for the pizza aficionados in your life. 

Hawkins New York Oven Mitts, Linen Pot HoldersWaffle Dish Towels, & Yarn Dyed Dish Towels

This collection of oven mitts, pot holders, and tea towels from Hawkins New York will have your favorite chef's kitchen looking sleek and stylish as they whip up a delicious meal. 

Michigan Foods Art Prints

For a Michigander with a sweet tooth, nothing beats these prints of some of the Great Lakes State's favorite treats. 

Les Essentials Set of 4 Knives

Featuring a paring knife, vegetable knife, serrated paring knife, and stationary peeler in a vibrant 50's-inspired colorway, this set of stainless steel knives are a must-have for aspiring chefs and home cooks.

Spicewalla Spice and Seasoning Tins

Give the gift of culinary expertise with these seasoning and spice tins that feature expertly sourced and blended herbs and spices and that are found in the kitchens of award winning chefs throughout the country.

Merry Mushroom Herb Grinder

Add a little whimsy to your favorite chef's routine with this adorable mushroom-shaped herb grinder!

Tea Towels

No kitchen is complete without a tea towel that shows off the chef's personality. Whether they're into modern patterns, florals, or home state symbols, we have a style for everyone. 

Farm Steady Food Kits

Perfect for the at home-chef, these food kits are endlessly customizable and include everything you need to make delicious snacks and sauces. Featuring easy-to-use, reusable tools and nourishing ingredients, they are sure to help elevate your favorite chef's cooking game. 

Simple Brass Measuring Spoons & Cups

These sleek brass measuring spoons and cups will add a dash of elegance to cooking and baking for your favorite home cook. 

Momofuku Seasoned Salt

Featuring bold ingredients and expertly crafted flavor profiles, these seasoned salts from famed chef David Chang of Momofuku will add zip to any meal. 

Michigan Foods Mug

Whether they have a sweet tooth for bumpy cake or Superman ice cream or enjoy a savory meal like a pasty or a coney dog, your favorite Michigander foodie will love this adorable City Bird-original mug that celebrates the flavors of their state.

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