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Botanical Bath Tea Set

Botanical Bath Tea Set

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Let's be honest, life is hard. Sometimes you just need to fill up a warm tub, take a break, and unwind. These magical botanical bath tea sets from Sow the Magic are the perfect addition to your self care routine. Each tea set is designed for different needs, whether you need to release, align, increase energy, open your mind, reflect or push pause, there is a perfect blend for you. Each set comes in a charming illustrated box that is perfect for gifting. Inside you will find 2.5oz of botanical goodness inside of a tea bag. Directions: place the tea bag under running water, steep in the bath for as long as possible. When finished pour botanicals into compost. Bag is reusable. Intended for bath use only. Do not ingest.

Botanical tea sets:

  • Dandelion Tarot - You're sure to be feeling dandy after a delightful soak in this Dandelion and Calendula infused tea soak. Dandelion contains incredible detoxifying properties that rid the skin of toxins that clog pores as well as vitamin C to speed up the body's natural healing process. The nourishing benefits of calendula help to plump the surface of your skin to give you tighter, more supple skin. Also this plant has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help protect your skin's collagen and elastin supply. Meanings: Transformation + Release.
  • Lavender Lovers Tarot - Say goodnight to the moon and dream of dancing in the garden under the stars with this delightful blend of calming Lavender buds, Rosemary and Wild Violet. Lavender soothes dry skin and creates a calming effect. Rosemary is a soothing botanical that reduces swelling and puffiness of the skin. Wild Violet is moisturizing and cooling . The leaves ease inflammation and soothe skin irritations and swelling. Meanings: Relationships + Alignment.
  • Lemon Balm Tarot - Invigorate and energize body and mind with this special bath tea blend of dried lemon balm, lemongrass and citrus fruit slices. Lemon balm is perfect for toning and refreshing skin. Lemongrass has been used in self care rituals for centuries due to its soothing and stress relieving benefits. Citrus fruit slices are packed with nourishing Vitamin C to improve skin elasticity and increase collagen while their uplifting fragrance is sure to enhance your mood. This bath tea is perfect for increasing energy + opening the mind.
  • Motherwort Tarot - Tap into this divine feminine blend of Motherwort, Wild Oats and Sage for a calming soak that's perfect for seeking balance and boosting perspective. Motherwort is ideal for moisturizing skin and soothing muscles. Sage is a time tested natural astringent and antiseptic. Wild Oats have been used since 2000 BC when ancient Egyptians soaked in them to calm anxiety and relieve various types of skin inflammation. This bath tea is perfect for boosting intuition + pausing to relax.
  • Peppermint Tarot - This refreshing + awakening soak is blended with peppermint leaves, raspberry leaf and eucalyptus oil. Awaken the senses with this naturally refreshing blend of botanicals. Bring Happiness to your skin with antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil has a gentle cooling effect which soothes irritation and inflammation. Meanings: Happiness + Fulfillment.
  • Rosa Rugosa Tarot - Enhance your self care routine with this special blend of rose petals, apple and star anise to refresh and unwind while uplifting your mind. Rose is filled with antioxidants and rich in nourishing vitamins A & C. Apple is ideal for moisturizing and sweetening dry skin. Star Anise contains powerful antioxidants that protect skin by neutralizing free radicals present in daily environments. This bath tea is perfect for celebration + special events. 

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