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Garden Party Collection

Late summer is the perfect time to enjoy a cool evening breeze, a gorgeous sunset, and delicious cocktails with friends by throwing a backyard garden party. We've gathered some of our favorite items to help you make the most of your summer nights. Click the links or the photos below to shop! 

Meadowland Simple Syrups

These simple syrups taste as good as they look. Available as a set or in individual bottles, they feature flavors inspired by the sweet sights and smells of summer. Add a splash to your favorite cocktail to add a bit of brightness. 

Dinner Candles & Metal Candle Platters

When the sun sets and the moonlight and fireflies aren't quite bright enough, you'll need these beautiful dinner candles and accompanying platter to create the perfect evening atmosphere. 

Herb Pinch & Pull Dish

Whether you're adding a garnish to a tasty meal or a sprig of green to your cocktail, this dish makes it easy to grab fresh herbs right out of your garden and into your kitchen. 

Floral Rocks & Collins Glasses

Featuring colorful poppies and irises, this vintage-inspired glassware is perfect for kicking back, sipping your beverage of choice, and admiring the beauty of a Michigan summer. 

Baggu Throw Pillows

Kick back and relax with these adorable throw pillow covers from Baggu. Tossed on a blanket or a papasan chair, they make the coziest addition to an outdoor gathering. 

Cocktail Shakers

Available in gold or copper, these heavyweight cocktail shakers are a must-have for delicious, perfectly mixed cocktails made right at home.

Cocktail & Cookbooks

Wow your guests with delicious treats and drinks from this collection of cocktail and cookbooks, perfect for summer cooking and mixing and featuring recipes made for gatherings of friends. 

Colorama Bowls

These colorful, enamel bowls make the perfect serving dishes for salad, pasta, or fresh fruit, and are safe to use on a grill or campfire. 

Camp Craft Cocktails

With a variety of ingredients from citrus to herbs, fresh fruits to root veggies, these delicious cocktail kits add a punch of flavor to your favorite alcohol or seltzer, and create the perfect cocktail for backyard hangs. 

Party Candles

What better way to celebrate a summer birthday, anniversary, or graduation than a garden party filled with friends and family? These beautiful candles will make any celebration feel extra-special.

Throws & Blankets

These blankets were made for lounging. Toss over a lawn chair or right onto the grass, and you've got yourself the perfect garden party seating. 

Bamboo Dinner Plates

Made from certified organic bamboo fiber and cornstarch, these beautifully-patterned plates are not only eco friendly, they are also durable and lightweight which makes them perfect for picnics and outdoor meals.

Cocktail Infusion Gift Bundle

The ultimate gift for the garden party host, this bundle features everything you need to grow your own rosemary, then infuse your cocktails with it! 

Picardie Tumblers & Enamelware Tumblers

Whether you're serving homemade cocktails or fresh lemonade, these colorful tumblers are the perfect complement to a tasty beverage. 

Mouse Cheese Board

Your guests will squeal over this adorable cheese board, featuring three mouse-shaped knives. 

Dram Bitters

This collection of bitters featuring herbs from the mountains and plains of Colorado will spice up any cocktail or tea. 

Detroit & Michigan Cocktail Trays

Serve drinks in style with these beautifully illustrated cocktail trays that celebrate your favorite city and/or state. 

Travel Stemless Wine Glasses

These stemless, insulated wine glasses will keep drinks cool or warm for up to 12 hours, making them perfect for long nights lounging outdoors. 

Instant Champagne Cocktail Kits

Add a pop of fun to your party by creating a mimosa or champagne cocktail instantly with these handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. 

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