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Wildflowers Collection

Our love for wildflowers is growing wild, and we've gathered up some of our favorite items featuring the gorgeous flowers for you to enjoy all summer long. Click the photos or the links to shop!


Wildflowers of Michigan Collection

Featuring the beautiful illustrations of local designer Courtney Jentzen, this collection celebrates the natural beauty of Michigan and is available in a print, notepad, magnet, glass, or mug - something for everyone. 

Flower Zodiac Sticker Set

These fun zodiac sticker sets feature seed packets particular to each sign, from dramatic Leo sunflowers to cheerful Taurus poppies. Explore your star sign in a clever way that is sure to ground you to Mother Earth. 


Pressed Resin Flower Jewelry

Enjoy the beauty of these flowers for ages to come with these gorgeous, handmade jewelry pieces, featuring a range of floral varieties. 


Wildflower Puzzles

Get lost in a field of wildflowers with these beautiful jigsaw puzzles, ranging from 500-1000 pieces. 

Michigan Trees & Wildflowers Folding Pocket Guide

Explore Michigan's flora and learn to identify what you observe with this handy folding illustrated pocket guide. 

Rifle Paper Co. Candles

These beautiful candles from Rifle Paper Co. feature fresh floral scents that smell just as good as they look. 


Wildflowers Vintage Pouch

Brighten up your routine with this colorful pouch featuring scientific vintage-inspired wildflowers illustrations, perfect for toiletries, art supplies, phone and keys, and more!

Michigan Wildflower Seed Packets

Grow your very own wildflower garden with these wildflower seeds, available in four different varieties to attract an array of pollinators, as well as provide food and habitat for the invaluable insects and wildlife members of our Michigan ecosystem. 

Flower-Infused Cocktail Book

For the true botanical lover, this cocktail book features a fresh take on traditional mixology, infusing the taste of over 60 different edible flowers with history and folklore. 

Wildflowers Tea Towel

Featuring five different wildflower species and tips to help support pollinator habitats, this gorgeous tea towel is sure to brighten up any kitchen or bar. 


Cellar Door Soaps & Candles

Local soap and candlemakers Cellar Door invoke scents that recall long spring and summer afternoons walking through fields, meadows, and gardens that are sure to invigorate your senses and brighten your day.


Wildflowers Art Print

Local designer Worthwhile Paper has created a piece of art that expands past Michigan flora and into all of North America, creating a beautiful, colorful bouquet. 


Seed Poppers & Garden Patches

These seed poppers and garden patches make spreading wildflower cheer a breeze in addition to being eco-friendly. 


Floral Scrunchies & Headbands

We can't get enough of these headbands and scrunchies from Rifle Paper Co., featuring all of our favorite wildflower patterns. Throw your hair up in style and stop to smell the flowers!

Corkcicle Vintage Wildflowers Travel Glassware

Available in an insulated mug, stemless glass, canteen, or tumbler, this gorgeous vintage-wildflowers-inspired pattern will help you keep your drink of choice cool or hot and take a little natural beauty with you wherever you go. 

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