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Zodiac Gift Guide: Leo

This Leo Season, we've rounded up some of our favorite gifts to help you show some love to your most creative, loyal, and passionate friends, just in time for those late summer birthdays. Click the links or photos to shop!

PF Candle Co. Candles & Incense

With scents like Golden Coast, Sunbloom, and Patchouli Sweetgrass, these candles are reminiscent of beach bonfires and coastal drives, perfect for the summer-loving Leo in your life. 

Celfie Vases

We all know a Leo who loves a good selfie, and these adorable vases are tres chic. 

Packable Sun Hats

No one loves a day outdoors in the sun more than a Leo, and now they can enjoy summer weather in style with these adorable, collapsable sun hats from Baggu. 

Wild Yonders Bath Salts

Leos will love these bath soaks featuring crystal-charged sea salt and psychedelic ingredients, including Lion's Mane fungi. 


Ray of Light Hoops

Leos are basically human balls of sunshine, so these gorgeous, brass "ray of light" earrings make the perfect gift.  

Cat Mugs

What are house cats if not tiny, tamed lions? Anyone who has a cat knows how fierce the little pets can be, making them the perfect companion for Leos. 

Sunburst & Sunrise Mini Flags

Eternal summer babies, Leos will love these mini bursts of sunshine right in their homes all year long. 

You Are Solid Gold Key Ring

Glittery, vintage-inspired, and a boost of confidence - what more could a Leo ask for? 


Painted Sketch & Workbooks

Vibrant, creative Leos will love journaling, writing, or drawing in these gorgeous, hand-painted sketch and workbooks.


Big Hair Claw Clips

These claw clips are both on-trend and heavy duty, perfect for stylish Leos with thick manes. 

Free the Tipple Cocktail Book

While all the women featured in this fun cocktail book are not Leos, they're all unapologetic, groundbreaking, and masters of their craft, qualities that embody the Leo spirit. 

Third Eye Tiger T-Shirt

Nothing says fierce feline like this groovy third eye tiger t-shirt, and nothing says fierce feline like Leos. 

Love Thyself Body Oil

Featuring clove and vetiver essential oils, this warming, hydrating massage oil is a gift to the skin and will bring out Leos natural sensuality. 

Baggu Throw Pillows

Drawn to bright, bold color palettes, Leos will love these fun throw pillow cases from Baggu that feature patterns as playful as they are. 

Golden Gems Mugs

Give your favorite Leo some love with these cute slogan mugs from Golden Gems, the perfect way to start their morning with confidence. 

Circle & Wave Combs

Leos will love taming their manes with these beautiful tortoiseshell combs, perfect for tossing in a bag or displaying on a vanity. 

Summer Fire Candle

Reminiscent of bonfires and beach days, this summer + fire candle = the perfect Leo gift. 

El Sol Signet Ring

Lovers of sunrises, sunsets, and sunshine in general, this ring is the perfect accessory for your favorite fire sign. 

Boy Smells Fragrances

Boy Smells Genderful Fine Fragrances mix traditional masculine and feminine scent notes together to create wonderfully rich and balanced aromas. Leos are known to push the boundaries and will love these daring, delicious scent bouquets. 


Leopards in Flower Patch Knit Blanket

Take a walk on the wild side with this beautiful, snug knit blanket from Calhoun. Featuring the beautiful, majestic leopard, Leos will love cozying up with their feline friends. 

You've Got What It Takes Notebook

Leos aren't afraid to chase their dreams, and this leather notebook is perfect for jotting down stories, plans, and schemes. 

Raaka Chocolate Bars

Decadent and delicious, these pure cacao chocolate bars feature the fresh summer fruit flavors of strawberry and coconut. Leos will eat them up, literally. 

Black + Jane Smudge Sticks

Leos will love to cleanse their space in style with these beautiful bundles from Black + Jane, featuring a variety of florals, herbs, and crystals. 

Wild & Free Patch

Perfect for jackets, bags, jeans, and more, this iron-on patch will let the world know exactly who Leos are.

Andy Warhol SocksBarack Obama Pin, & Friends Card

What do Andy Warhol, Barack Obama, and half of the cast of Friends have in common? They're all Leos! Whether you identify more with the pop-art artist, the 44th president, or Chandler, Phoebe, or Joey, you can enjoy Leo season knowing you're in good company.

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