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Classic Cars Collection

Detroit is known for many things: Motown and techno music, coney dogs and Detroit-style pizza, but perhaps most of all for its historic auto industry. Nicknamed "The Motor City," cars are our main mode of transportation, and we love to celebrate our prodigious history that put the world on wheels. Be sure to check out the North American International Auto Show right here in Detroit in September, and check out our classic car-themed products to help you show some Motor City pride. Click the photos or the links below to shop!

Detroit Classic Cars Notebook

All great innovations start with just an idea, and you can jot yours down in this Detroit classic cars-themed notebook. 

Honk If You Love Detroit Shirt

What better way to show Detroit some love than with a friendly honk of your car horn? This cute illustrated t-shirt is sure to generate lots of noise. 

Cars Magnets

Celebrate the old while looking forward to the new with these cute vintage-inspired, car-themed magnets.

Vintage Oil Can Candles

You may have never thought you'd want your house to smell like an oil can, but with these vintage-inspired oil can candles from Motor City Candles, you won't be able to resist lighting them up. 

Motor City Flags

Simple and sleek, these canvas flags, available in in sizes small and large, make a great wall hanging for the car-enthusiast in your life. 

Classic Detroit Cars Art Print

This beautifully illustrated print pays homage to the yesteryears of Detroit's iconic auto industry, and will be sure to illicit fond memories of long drives through the city. 

Detroit Tea Towel

Detroit iconography isn't complete without a car, and this pretty tea towel showcases some of the finest that Detroit has to offer. 

Detroit Pennant & Pennant Sticker

This sleek, vintage design comes in two unique styles; either as a felt pennant or as a sticker.

Detroit Classic Cars Greeting Card

Send a note on this cute classic cars greeting card to someone far away, reminding them that they can always hop in their car and head your way. 

Recycled Tire Coasters

A more subtle way to appreciate Detroit's auto industry, these eco-friendly coasters are made from recycled car tires. 

Detroit Classic Cars Mug

Start your day off right with the classic Detroit cars design on your mug.

Detroit Pennant Onesie, T-Shirt, & Crewneck Sweatshirt

Our vintage pennant design is available printed on a baby onesie, a t-shirt, or a crewneck, so no matter who you are or your style, you can represent the Motor City all year long.

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