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Back to College Collection

September means back to school, and we've got everything you need for your college student to make studying a breeze and their dorm feel like home. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Claw Clips

Claw clips are both fashionable and functional for late-night study sessions, or those mornings when you can't bear to get ready before your 8 AM class. 

Baggu Drawstring Backpacks

These backpacks are both cute and functional, perfect for tossing in your textbooks or as an overnight bag. 

Detroit/Michigan Prints

These beautifully illustrated Detroit and Michigan-themed prints will remind your college student of home, show their new friends where they're from, and make their dorm room feel like theirs. 


There's nothing like enjoying a morning cup of coffee or an evening cup of tea - or even some ramen noodles - from your favorite mug.  

Notepads, Notebooks, & Journals

Whether writing a quick message to a roommate, notes from class, or simply their feelings down, our collection of notepads, notebooks, and journals will help any college student keep their thoughts straight. 

Poketo Nail Polish

A stationary staple for years, Poketo recently launched this line of bold, bright nail polishes that come in a rainbow of colors and are the perfect way to express oneself. 

Puffy Earbuds Cases, Glasses Sleeves, & Laptop Sleeves

Protect your studying essentials in style with these cute, puffy sleeves and cases from Baggu.

Popcorn Popper

This popcorn popper is eco-friendly, BPA-free, economical, and most of all, makes delicious popcorn! Dorm movie nights will never be the same. 

Vaccine Card Case

Keep your vaccine card handy and protected with these cute vaccine card cases! 

Water Bottles

Whether they're dehydrated from sports or from beer-pong, make sure your college student stays hydrated with this array of reusable, eco-friendly water bottles.

Michigan Lip Balm

Whether your student is on the East Coast, the West Coast, or right here in the Midwest, these cute Michigan-themed lip balms are an essential all year long. 


Candles may be frowned upon in dorm rooms, but that's no reason to let the air get musty. Incense has been a staple in colleges for decades - just ask your parents!

Pencil Sets & Cases

From cartography to astronomy to botany, these cute pencil sets and cases will inspire you to study in style. 

Baggu Pillow Cases

Loft beds may be unusual, but that doesn't mean they can't be cozy! Spruce up your sleeping or living space with these colorful pillow cases from Baggu, available for throw pillows or sleep pillows. 

Short Stack Cookbooks

When your student gets tired of take out, these short stack cookbooks are a great resource for chefs of all experience levels and don't take up much precious counter space. They can start by nailing their favorite food, then working their way through the set!

Enamel Pins & Patches

Perfect for backpacks, tote bags, jackets, and caps, these cute pins and patches are a surefire way to express your tastes and interests and make great conversation starters. 

Beer Can Glasses

Perfect for iced coffee, cocktails, or as a cute little vase, these adorable beer can glasses make a great apartment-warming gift. 

Hair Scrunchies

Perfect for sporting events, study sessions, or just lounging around, these naturally-dyed scrunchies come in an array of colors, making it easy to support your team's colors. 

Rifle Paper Planners & Calendars

Classes, study sessions, games, parties, dates, and extra-curriculars - college students have a lot on their plates, and these pretty planners and calendars are just the organizational tools they'll need to keep their schedules straight. 

Bath Towels

Communal bathrooms may be no fun, but at least your college student can feel clean and refreshed with these pretty bath towels that show off their personality. 

Giraffe Bud Vase & Ceramic Air Plant Holder

Spruce up your windowsill or desk with these cute vessels designed for easy-to-care-for plants. The giraffe bud vases are perfect for wildflowers or dried bouquets, and air plants make great starter plants as they don't grow in soil and require little watering! 


A healthier alternative to iced coffee or energy drinks, these teas can either give you a boost of caffeine or a restorative sip before bed and are a dorm room staple for long nights studying. 

Flat Pouch & Go-Pouch Sets

Pencils and pens, loose change, toiletries, art supplies - college students have a lot to carry, and these cute pouch sets make it easy.

Flower Zodiac Sticker Card Sets

These pretty zodiac sticker sets are a fun way to learn more about your sign and make great decorations for notebooks and cork boards. 

Koala & Rainbow Sponges

Part of the college experience is learning to live on your own, but washing dishes can be made fun with these cute sponges.

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