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Fall Favorites Collection

Bonfires, pumpkin carving, hayrides, and apple orchards are just a few of the reasons that we love fall. The rest can be found right here, in our Fall Favorites Collection. Make the most of your fall with delicious drinks and baked goods, autumnal scents for your home, and cozy apparel for chilly evenings. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Sister Pie & My Michigan Kitchen Cookbooks

Both of these cookbooks from local chefs/bakers feature recipes that will wow your friends and family over the holidays, from main courses to desserts to everything in between. 

Cellar Door Fall Soaps

Pumpkin, chai, apples, and fallen leaves - these are the scents of fall, and Cellar Door captures them perfectly. 

Hugs From Michigan & Detroit Mugs

Sometimes a cup of coffee or tea on a chilly fall evening can feel like a warm hug, and this mug lets you have both at once. 

Sweetgrass Braid & Sage Bundles

Cleanse your home or space from unwanted energies with these sustainably sourced sage bundles and sweetgrass braids. 

Mini Flags, Flags, & Banners

These flags and banners perfectly capture the ethereal, mystical, and magical nature of fall. 

Spooky Michigan Book

Gather round the campfire and get into the spooky season spirit with this book featuring tales of bone-chilling legends, hauntings, and lore right from Michigan. 

Hemlock Bandanas 

Available in array of pretty fall earth tones, these bandanas from Hemlock are the perfect accessory for nature walks - for both you and your four-legged friend. 

Juniper Ridge Teas

Featuring sustainably sourced tasting notes such as honeysuckle, birch, and sage, these wild-harvested teas will help make for a cozy night in. 

Luna & Plants and Animals of Michigan Prints

Phases of the moon, foliage, and woodland creatures make up these beautiful prints, bringing the natural beauty of fall right into your home.  

Taper Dinner Candles

Fall means family gatherings, and these pretty taper candles will help dress up any table setting at your next dinner party. 

Foraging Tool Kit

Make the most of hikes and nature walks while the weather is mild, the air is crisp, and the leaves are at their most colorful. This foraging tool kit includes everything you need to find your next meal or art project right from the trail. 

Michigan Cookie Cutters

Autumn is the unofficial baking season, and these cute Michigan-shaped cookie cutters will help fill your kitchen with the tantalizing scents of freshly-baked cookies, and your stomach with the delicious end products. 

Copper Cow Coffee Kits

Start your day right with these easy to use coffee kits that are packed with fall flavors like salted caramel, pumpkin spice, and rosemary. 

Donna Wilson Plate & Tray

Thanksgiving sides will never look better than on these beautiful serving dishes from Donna Wilson, featuring gorgeous autumnal colors and leaf designs. 

Potions, Elixirs, & Brews Cocktail Book

Drawing influences from Wiccan and rootwork practices, Anaïs Alexandre shares a collection of recipes that serve as both potions and cocktails, and are as powerful as they are delicious. 

Autumnal Perfumes

Each of these scents use autumnal scent notes such as maple, orris root, mushroom, and birch to create earthy blends that manage to perfectly bottle the magic of fall. 

Throw Blankets

Make a cup of hot cider and curl up with a good spooky movie with these cozy and cute blankets from Calhoun.

Harwood Maple Syrup

This locally-sourced maple syrup is delicious on pancakes, waffles, vanilla ice cream, or even as a sweetener in cocktails, and embodies traditional fall flavors.

Serpent & Moon Rings

These pretty serpent and moon rings will give your fall accessories a refresh from the bright colors and light materials of summer and help you embrace the spooky and mysterious nature of autumn. 

Fall-Scented Candles

Nothing says autumn like the smell of warm pumpkin pie baking, freshly picked apples, or a cup of hot cider, and we have all the scents you need to bring cozy fall fragrances right into your home. 

Fall-Themed Tea Towels

Beautify your kitchen with these earth-toned tea towels that will make marathon baking and cooking sessions for the holidays feel like a breeze. 

Doughnut-Making Kits

You don't need to go to a cider mill to have delicious, fresh-baked doughnuts with these handy doughnut-making kits. Available in four different flavors, you'll be eating good all fall long. 

City Bird Crewnecks

These cozy crewnecks will keep you warm at football games, bonfires, and hayrides all season long.

Brass Star and Moon Mobile & Moonlight Garland

These pretty brass mobiles and garlands bring the moon and stars right into your home and make perfect decor for Halloween, Samhain, or simply autumn in general. 

Rosemarine Scrunchies

The muted tones of these naturally-dyed scrunchies will add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe and help keep your hair back while pumpkin carving, hayriding, or apple picking.


For earthy scents that pull inspiration directly from the natural world, look no further than our collection of incenses, available in cone, stick, and even match variety. Let the fragrances of moss, birch, cedar and more fill your home for the perfect cozy night in. 


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