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Zodiac Gift Guide: Virgo

Show some love to your hard-working, considerate, and loyal Virgo bestie with these gifts tailor-made for the industrious earth sign that appreciates the finer things in life. Click the photos or the links to shop! 

Icelandic Soaps

These soaps are made with fragrant, earthy ingredients fresh from the mountains and seawaters of Iceland. Eco-conscious Virgos will also love that they're organically made and Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

Avocado Toast Socks

If Virgos were a breakfast food, they'd be avocado toast: nutritious, delicious, and perfectly practical. 

Rifle Paper Co. Planners & Calendars

The ultimate planners of the Zodiac, Virgos will love these beautiful planners and calendars to help them stay organized all year long. 

Foraging Tool Kit

This kit includes everything you need to elevate your average walk in the park into a fun way to bring nature right to your dinner table, a conscientious activity Virgos will love.  

Hammered Pearl Hoops

These earrings offer a fresh take on an old classic and exude elegance, just like Virgos. 

Beeswax Spiral Candles

Perfect for dressing up a table at a late summer, early fall outdoor dinner, these all-natural, spiral beeswax candles come in a variety of earth tones, just the color palette for Virgos. 

I'd Rather Be Reading Patch

Let's face it - sometimes Virgos would rather be curled up with a good book than anywhere else. Celebrate your favorite bookworm with this cute iron-on patch. 

Everyday Oil

Busy Virgos have little time for elaborate skincare routines, and this all-natural, plant-based oil is a one-stop shop for body, face, and hair care, available in mainstay or unscented. 

Cavallini Puzzles

Logical and unafraid of hard work, Virgos are naturally gifted at puzzle solving and will appreciate these beautiful, vintage-inspired nature illustrations when completed. 

Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman

A Virgo herself, Alison Roman's best-selling cookbook is filled with delicious recipes that are simple, healthy, and full of fresh ingredients, a food-loving Virgo's dream. 

Give a Damn Keychain

If you're in a crisis, you'll want a Virgo friend in your corner. Loyal, caring, and pros at problem-solving, it's always a good day to give a damn for Virgos. 

Champion Trees & Plant Lady Mugs

Lovers of all things in nature, chances are your Virgo friend also happens to be a tree-hugger or plant lady, making these mugs perfect for their morning coffee or evening tea. 

Tortoise Hair Clips

These cute tortoise hair clips are the perfect accessory for the studious and stylish Virgo in your life. 

Single Butterfly

Nature-loving Virgos will appreciate these beautiful framed butterflies, which are ethically sourced and support butterfly habitats. 

Linnea's Lights Classic Collection Candles

Virgos will appreciate these clean, fresh scents from Linnea's Lights that will purify their space and instantly bring a sense of calm to any home. 

National Parks Field Notes

These National Parks Field Notes are the perfect marriage of the great outdoors and organization - two of Virgo's favorite things. 

Dram Bitters

Whether adding a few drops to a seltzer, cocktail, sauce, marinade, or even baked good, these bitters featuring herbs from Colorado will add a delicious twist and will be the versatile Virgo chef's new best friend. 

Fille Sauvage Pendant Necklace

Represented by a maiden or goddess harvesting wheat, Virgos are known for their industrious nature as well as feminine power, and this beautiful pendant celebrates both. 

Mushroom Totes

Need a pen? A snack? A book? Anything? Ever-prepared Virgos have you covered no matter what you need, and these cute mushroom totes will be their favorite way to store their assortment of must-haves. 

Leaf Supply & Indoor Jungle

Ever the responsible plant parent, Virgos will appreciate these books that will help their home gardens thrive. 

Animals & Plants of Michigan Print

This gorgeous City Bird original print by local illustrator Marissa Johnson features all the flora and fauna that make Michigan so special, and is perfect for Earth signs like Virgo. 

Hemlock Bandanas

Perfect for gardening, hikes, or just as a cute neck kerchief, these pretty bandanas are as multi-faceted as Virgos.  

Boobs Key Fob

All bodies are good bodies, and these colorful key fobs are a fun way to celebrate the classic Virgo image. 

Michigan & Great Lakes Pocket Folding Guides

Virgos will love the opportunity explore and observe all the beautiful wildlife in the Michigan and Great Lakes regions, and to educate themselves as they do so. 

Beyonce Pin

Who run the world? Beyonce, of course. Dress up your favorite tote or jacket with the Virgo Queen herself. 

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