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Chamomile Lavender Tea - City Bird

Retea Tea Pouches

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Retea strives to provide their customers with the highest quality, hand crafted single origin, specialty blend, and award winning estate coffees and teas. Their focus remains simple: to ethically source and provide the highest quality coffees and teas that define the experience of their customers. They are proud to own and operate a socially responsible small business located right here in Michigan. Many of their coffees and teas are USDA Organic and Fair Trade International certified. They believe that education is the foundation of positive social change. Through their partnership with the International Rescue Committee, 10% of annual wholesale and retail tea sales are directed to education programs. Each pouch of Retea provides up to 10 hours of education for a refugee child and comes with 20 cups worth of loose tea. Made in Cedarville, Michigan.


  • Assam Black - a single origin handcrafted tea with a smooth black tea flavor. The tea remains in its full leaf form.
  • Breakfast Tea - a smooth and balanced Malawi black tea flavor with subtle notes of malt. It offers the strength of a traditional black tea without bitterness.
  • Chamomile Lavender - a mellow and soothing herbal tea infusion. The chamomile flowers are accented with floral European lavender and a hint of cornflowers.
  • Earl Gray - a single origin handcrafted tea with a smooth black tea flavor. The tea remains in its full leaf form.
  • Green Jasmine - a unique blend of green tea that smells like Jasmine and tastes like Jasmine. Unlike other green teas, this blend does not go bitter. Enjoy as is, or with honey.
  • Hibiscus Mint - a slightly sweet herbal tea infusion that is rich in flavor + refreshing. This bright, brisk caffeine free blend of traditional Persian herbs are perfect hot or iced. The hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, the peppermint soothing, and the blackberry leaves provide a natural, herbal sweetness.
  • Winter Chai - a delicious blend of black teas, bay leaf, ginger root, cardamom, and cloves produce an aromatic and spicy tea enjoyed year round.
  • Vanilla Mallow - a floral and creamy Assam black tea blend accented with mild vanilla and floral notes from the blue mallow blossoms.

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