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BLENDS Perfume Oils

BLENDS Perfume Oils

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BLENDS from Kely + Jones are pure perfume oils designed to be worn individually or in layers to create your own custom scent. Inspired by the aromas found in wine - citrus, fruit, floral, earth and oak. Collect them all for your very own fragrance library. Each scent comes inside of a glass bottle with silver roll-on applicator and cap. Contains no alcohol; simply fragrance and essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base. Hand-poured. Size: 6.0ml/0.2fl oz


  • Citrus - tea, herbs, grapefruit, dried hay, and lemon.
  • Earth - saffron, vetiver, dusty earth, mushroom, and white peppercorn.
  • Floral - orange blossom, rose, violet, and geranium. 
  • Fruit - green apple, mango flower, orchard fruits, raspberry leaf, and fig.
  • Oak - toasted oak, hazelnut, apricot, and caramel woods.

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