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Easter Basket Collection

With Easter right around the corner on Sunday, 4/9, now is the time to fill your little one's or loved one's basket with all things cute, cuddly, and tasty with our Easter Basket Collection. Click on the links or photos below to shop!

Lavender & Wild Strawberry Eggling

Made of white bisque and complete with a peat mixture and seeds, all you need to do is crack this cute little "egg," water, and watch your lavender or wild strawberry grow wild!

Bunny Plush

These adorable bunnies are incredibly soft, and will be your little one's favorite new cuddle buddy.

Flower Headdress

Get in the spring time spirit with this adorable flower headdress! Your little one will love dressing up like the blooms of the season. 


Who says Easter is only for bunnies? These adorable hand-made kittens are designed to fit perfectly in small hands, making them the perfect companion for all of your little one's adventures.

Gems & Rocks and Minerals of the USA

Little geologists will love learning more about their favorite gems, rocks, and minerals with these cute little starter kits, featuring 16-20 specimens. 

Orange & Lavender Chocolate Bars

Grown-up's need Easter baskets too! Featuring some of our favorite springtime flavors, these orange and lavender milk chocolate bars from Coco make the perfect sweet treat. 

Bobby Floppy Bunny Linen

These sweet floppy bunnies made from beautiful, soft linen cotton will fit right in any Easter basket.

Color-In Pencil Case

For the little artist in your life, these fun color-in pencil cases come with a set of ten colorful wash-out fabric markers that fit neatly inside of the washable, reusable case.

Bunny & Kitten Best Friends

These sweet bunny and kitten plush toys make the perfect companion for a little one, complete in their giftable box. 

Brilliant Bee Crayons

Add a pop of color to your little one's Easter basket with these bright, highly pigmented beeswax crayons, perfect for small hands!

Linen Magnetic Bunny

These adorable, floppy bunnies are made out of soft linen and feature magnets in their hands so they can hang on an easter basket or hold an easter egg!

Organic Fruit Gummies

Kids and adults alike will love these sour, sweet, and chewy organic fruit gummies, featuring colorful shapes and cute characters. 

Unicorn Crayons

Available in an array of pretty pastels, these cute unicorn-shaped crayons will keep little ones' imaginations busy for hours of play.

Gantosaurus in Egg

Eggs aren't just for birds! These cute, cuddly dinosaurs come in their own cozy egg, making them perfect travel buddies. 

Dress Up Books

These pocket-sized coloring books are perfect for road trips or park days and are sure to ignite children's creativity. 

Pig Truffle Baby

Truffles the stuffed pig can sit up tall on his curly little tail because of his bean-bag bottom, and will delight any child who finds him sitting in their Easter basket! 

Raaka Chocolate Bars

Leave the jelly beans to the kids. With flavors like coconut milk, green tea, and rose cardamom, these rich, creamy chocolate bars from Raaka are the perfect Easter treat for grown ups. 

Embroidery Craft Kits

For older kiddos, these cute embroidery craft kits will encourage learning a new hobby and making their own artwork!

Sleepy Wakey Bambi

This precious little deer will make a great friend for your precious little dear, whether out and about or during nap times. 

Little Michigan Board Book

Young readers will love learning about the birds, flowers, trees, and more of their home state, making this book the perfect shared activity. 

Cottage Straw Bag

For the young fashionista in your life, this adorable straw cottage bag is the perfect accessory for storing Easter goodies. 

Robin's Eggs

Inspired by the pretty blue of robin's eggs, a sure sign of spring, these adorable egg-shaped chocolates make a perfect Easter basket treat for kids or kids at heart.

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