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Spring Favorites Collection

Sunshine, breezes, and blooms are just a few of the things we love about springtime. Make the most of this time of growth with these festive items that will help you soak up the season in your garden, on a picnic, or simply enjoying nature. Click the photos or links below to shop!

Baggu Sun Hats

This wide-brimmed sun hat is perfect for protecting skin on gardening days or walks in the park. 

Michigan Wildflower Seeds

Available in four varieties, these lush seed mixes contain native Michigan wildflowers that can be planted at home in a pot, added to a garden, or scattered in a field - the perfect springtime activity!

Robin's Eggs Chocolate

These adorable chocolate eggs make a great addition to an Easter basket, or just a fun spring treat inspired by Michigan's state bird. 

Market Ceramic Candles

Inspired by the fresh, floral, fruity scents of an open-air farmer's market, this collection of pretty ceramic candles will bring the smells of spring right into your home. 

Dog Rope Leashes

Take your best friend out for some much-needed sunshine with one of these colorful rope leashes sure to make you both smile. 

Brass Plant Mister

House plants can need some extra water in the spring time when the sun is shining down, so give them some love with this vintage-inspired plant mister.

Iris & Poppy Collins & Rocks Glasses

Enjoy a glass of iced tea, lemonade, or a refreshing cocktail from one of these festive, floral glasses, best served in hammocks or on porches. 

Calhoun Knit Blankets

Rainbows, strawberries, and flowers are some of our favorite signs of spring, and these cute blankets are perfect for taking along on a picnic. 

Sunography Paper Kit

This kit is a fun way to get outdoors and capture leaves, flowers, feathers, and more with just a little sunshine!

Pruning Shears

Every gardener with a green thumb needs a handy pair of shears, and lightweight pair is perfect for pruning and harvesting. 

Stemless Portable Wine Glasses

Spring signals the return of camping and picnic season, and what better way to enjoy a bottle of your favorite wine in the great outdoors than with these adorable portable wine glasses?

Detroit T-Shirts

Show off your Detroit pride with these colorful, breezy t-shirts, no jackets required. 

Herb Pull & Pinch Dish

If gardening is one of your favorite spring activities, you'll want to reap what you sow, and this cute herb pull and pinch dish makes it easy to incorporate the fruits (or herbs) of your labor into a delicious homemade meal!

Rifle Paper Co. Umbrellas

We can't wait for May flowers, but the April showers won't be so bad either with these lovely umbrellas from Rifle Paper Co. 

Pollinator Protector Activity Kit

This fun-for-all-ages kit encourages planting a garden where pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds can thrive. Kids will have a blast coloring in the flowers they see, using stickers to spot pollinators, and wearing their Pollinator Protector merit badge.


Goldilocks Beeswax Wraps

Meals are meant to be enjoyed outdoors in the spring, whether that's a picnic or a patio dinner. These handy beeswax food wraps from Goldilocks come in a variety of sizes and seasonable patterns that make packing up a meal a breeze. 

Market Bags

These bags are perfect for filling with baguettes, flowers, and fresh produce from your local farmer's market. 

Stained Glass Suncatcher Ornaments

Let the sunshine in with these gorgeous stained glass suncatcher ornaments that will bring a rainbow right into your home. 

Gardening Gloves

Whether you grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, or fruits, these adorable yet sturdy gardening gloves will make your planting and harvesting feel extra-special.  

Huckleberry Toys

Perfect for children or children at heart, these cute toys from Huckleberry encourage observing the wonders of nature through fields, trails, mountains, and meadows and engaging with the natural beauty of the world. 

Meadowland Syrups

With flavor notes like honeysuckle, strawberries, basil, and juniper, these simple syrups will bring a fresh, springtime taste to any seltzer or cocktail. 

Herb Growing Kits

Nothing says springtime like fresh flowers and herbs, and you can grow your own right from your home with these easy kits that will enhance your meals and cocktails. 

Seed Ball Gift Sets

Seed balls are an amazing ancient technique for propagating plants that preserves and protects the seed while it germinates and grows roots. Available in three different gif-table varieties, these little packs make a perfect springtime present. 

Eyeglass Cases

One of the best parts about springtime is finally getting to wear your sunglasses! You'll want to keep them safe and scratch-free with these adorable eyeglass cases.

Michigan Wildflowers Collection

If you're wild about wildflowers like we are, you'll love our collection that celebrates the beauty and bounty of Michigan wildflowers that make our state beautiful - especially in the spring!

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