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Zodiac Gift Guide: Aries

The embodiment of fire signs, Aries kick off the zodiac calendar with their trademark fiery spirit, passionate energy, and courageous risk-taking. We've curated a list of the gifts your Aries bestie will love, tailored to celebrate their bold tastes and unique style. Click the links or photos below to shop!

El Sol Signet Ring

Aries are fire signs, and what better way to show off their bold taste than with this fun and fiery sun signet ring? 

Leaping Tiger Tote Bag

Energetic Aries live a fast-paced life, and this City Bird-original tote bag celebrating the Detroit Tigers is equal parts sporty and stylish, and perfect for their on-the-go lifestyles. 

Spicewalla Spices

Boring isn't in Aries' vocabularies, and that goes for their meals, too. They'll love dressing up their favorite foods with these collections of bold, savory spices from Spicewalla, featuring flavors from all over the world. 

Death Valley Nail Polish

The bold, bright colors of these nail polishes from Death Valley Nails will complement fiery Aries' perfectly, especially in their signature color of red. 

Fire Taper Candles

Sociable Aries love to entertain, and these dripless, smokeless Zodiac taper candles will create a warm, dramatic ambiance for the dinner parties they're sure to host. 

Detox Clay Mask

Busy Aries may need to be reminded to take a moment for self-care, and this detox mask from Detroit Rose will help them unwind and remove any impurities accumulated in their travels.

You've Got What It Takes Notebook

Though they exude confidence, Aries might need a reminder from time to time that they've got their hustle under control, and this notebook will do just the trick. 

Gauze & Velvet Scrunchies

The athletes of the zodiac, Aries will love these cute, naturally-dyed scrunchies, available in gauze or velvet, that are equally parts sporty and stylish.

Detroit Flasks

Aries naturally bring the party with them wherever they go, and these Detroit map flasks help them do just that. 

Momofuku Chili Crunch

Basic flavors won't do the trick for spicy fire sign Aries, and these rich, complex sauces will add a delicious kick to their favorite meals. 

Charaia Earrings

Aries love a dramatic flair, and these gorgeous earrings make the perfect statement piece. 

Patterned Women's Crew Socks

Your Aries bff will love expressing their passionate side through these fun and clever crew socks. 

Boy Smells Hypernature Candles

The bold, complex fragrances of Boy Smells candles are heightened in their Hypernature line, featuring warm, lush scents that spring-born Aries will love. 

Retro Metallic Pens

Although Aries aren't known for planning ahead, they are known for executing their moves in style, and these retro metallic pens will help them cross off their bucket list with their signature flair. 

Porter Glass Water Bottles

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are balls of energy and are natural athletes. They like to stay busy and active, and these cute water bottles will make sure they stay hydrated while they're on-the-go. 

Checkered Hair Claw

Aries can spring into action at a moment's notice, and these fun claw clips are as practical as they are stylish. 

Hieroglyphic Boob Tray

Aries aren't shy, and neither is this little trinket tray that celebrates the beauty and diversity of boobs. 

Art Boozel Cocktail Book

Featuring over 50 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by modern artists, including Aries Yayoi Kusama, the feisty fire sign will appreciate a unique, colorful twist on their favorite cocktails. 

Baggu Soft Sun Hat

Born in the springtime, fire sign Aries love soaking up the sun as much as possible, and these cute sun hats from Baggu will help them stay safe and stylish as they bask.  

Apothecary Brown Glass Candles

Aries will love the warm, complex fragrances found in these classic brown glass apothecary candles from Paddywax. Featuring scent notes including white clover, sheer spices, musk, and sandalwood, these rich candles are sure to be your Aries' new favorite. 

Hot Sauce, Pickle, & Kraut-Making Kits

Aries like a little kick to their foods, and these hot sauce, pickle, and kraut-making kits will ensure that they always have something tasty on hand. 

Give 'Em Hell & Wicked Woman Keytag

These cheeky little keytags will help to personalize Aries' keyrings with their signature sass.

Cocktail Syrups

It's always a party with Aries, and they'll love these handy cocktail syrups that will help them make their favorite drinks right at home. 

Sparkler Wondercandles

Aries are the masters of the art of celebration, and these fun sparkler candles will make their birthdays feel extra special. 

Diana Ross Cards & T-Shirt & Aretha Franklin Cards & Pin 

Two Detroit Aries icons, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin, are celebrated with these fun birthday cards, a t-shirt, and pin. Remind your favorite Aries they're in great company with these musical legends. 

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