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Up North Collection

Summer in Northern Michigan is magical, and we've got everything you need as you pack up the car and head up north. Whether you're a hiker, a camper, or a nature-lover, this collection will help you soak up the bountiful beauty of the Great Lakes State all summer long. Click the photos or links below to shop!

Good & Well Supply Great Lakes Candles

Featuring scent notes of pine, moss, violet, and fresh air, these Great Lakes-inspired candles will transport you to your favorite lakeside cabin whenever you need to get away. 


Bandanas are a must-have accessory for camping and hiking thanks to their versatility and functionality, from protecting your skin from the sun, tying your hair up, or keeping your favorite four-legged-friend cozy on the trail. 

Fresh Coast Best Coast Patch & Mug

Forget the coast - the best views, hikes, and waters are right here in Michigan, and these cute patches and mugs will help you celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Great Lakes State. 

Baggu Fanny Packs

Whether you're taking a casual walk outside or a more intense hike, you'll want to be hands-free, and these cute fanny packs from Baggu will help you keep your snacks, sunscreen, and other trail necessities organized. 

Log Cabin Incense Burner & Balsam Fir Incense

If you can't make it to a real log cabin this summer, this adorable log cabin burner and its balsam fir incense will make a nice compromise that will remind you of lazy summer afternoons in Northern Michigan. 

Huckleberry Fresh Flower Necklace & Pressed Flower Frame

Fun for all ages, these kits from Huckleberry encourage getting outdoors and stopping to smell the flowers. 

Travel Utensils

Perfect for picnics or campsites, these travel utensils are a must-have for any outdoor dining. 

Kalamazoo Candles Michigan Collection

Celebrating five of Michigan's UP or up north travel destinations, this candle collection features scent notes of fresh water, trees, and plants and make a great souvenir for remembering your trips up north. 

Great Lakes T-Shirt

Show off your Great Lakes State pride all summer long with this comfy City Bird original t-shirt. 

Camping Michigan & Hiking Michigan's UP Books

Featuring vital information such as road conditions, recreational activities, wildlife information, GPS coordinates, detailed maps, and full-color photos, these camping and hiking books will ensure that you stay safe and make the most of your UP trip.

Animals and Plants of Michigan Print & Mug

From butterflies and flower to bears and deer, this collection celebrates the flora and fauna of our state, especially bountiful up north. 

Field Notes

These handy, iconic little Field Notes notebooks are meant to get dirty. You'll want to take notes on all the sights you see in your up north travels, from the biggest lakes to the smallest flowers. 

Night Sky Enamel Cup Candle

Featuring scents reminiscent of campfires and warm summer nights, this candle will double as the perfect camp mug when it's all used up!

Foraging Tool Kit

This handy kit comes with everything you need to harvest chanterelles, morels, and chicory, to name just a few. Bring this along on your next trip to the woods and collect your next meal right from the earth! 

Baggu Sun Hats

Whether on a long hike or at the beach, these sun hats are a must have for protecting your skin from the sun on long summer days. 

Great Lakes Wildlife Activity Book

Any little ones coming along on a UP adventure will love this Great Lakes Wildlife Nature Activity Book, featuring games, quizzes, and activities that will keep kids engaged and curious about local wildlife and science. 

Collapsible Coffee Dripper

No camping trip is complete without a morning cup of coffee at your campsite. Make your own coffee right from your tent with this handy collapsible coffee dripper so you can take on the day.  

Instant Cabin Candle

These candles are inspired by cozy nights spent in a rustic UP cabin, with scent notes of earthy amber, balsam, and spices, and is perfect for weekends when you're stuck in the city.  

Camp Craft Cocktails

Just add 12 ounces of your favorite spirit and and refrigerate for three days while these kits infuse with these tasty ingredients. The jar containers make them perfect for a special cocktail treat while relaxing at your campsite or at the end of a long hike.

Great Lakes Puzzle

Whether you're completing this puzzle from the city or an up north cabin, it's great fun for the whole family and will reveal a beautiful map of your favorite Michigan travel spots.  

Folding Pocket Guides

No matter where your travels bring you in Michigan this summer, you'll want one or all of these handy, foldable pocket guides to help you identify all the local birds, pollinators, and wildlife you're sure to see. 

Travel Mugs, Water Bottles, & Wine Glasses

Hydration is important when you're hitting the trails, and so is enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to start and finish your day no matter where you are. 

June Apothecary Candles

Hand-poured in Boyne City, Michigan, these candles are inspired by the natural scents found in Northern Michigan and the UP, and will create an inviting aroma no matter where you are. 

Meals from the Mitten & My Little Michigan Kitchen

From pasties and fudge to cherry pie and fresh vegetable charcuterie, these cookbooks will inspire readers to embrace local cuisine for when you're craving a bite of Michigan. 

Cellar Door Michigan Soaps

Bring the scents of Michigan right into your shower with these fragrant soaps from Cellar Door. 

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