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Pantry Essentials New to the Shops

Late winter and early spring is the perfect time of year to hone your cooking skills, nail your favorite recipes, and freshen up your pantry, and we have tons of tasty cooking (and eating!) essentials in the shops to fill this season with flavor and fun. Click the links or the photos below to shop!


Graza Sizzle & Drizzle Olive Oils

This wildly popular line of olive oil feature olives harvested at peak season in Spain for mellow yet rich flavors favored among chefs, perfect for "sizzling" veggies and meat, or "drizzling" over salads, in sauces, and even on ice cream.  

Coop's Topping

Born in an ice cream shop, Coop’s has innovated and perfected their rich, smooth hot fudge and caramel recipe variations for more than a decade. Family-owned and crafted in small batches with absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives, every ingredient in every jar of Coop’s is all-natural and meticulously sourced.

Pili Hot Sauce

This firy Pili hot sauce from Detroit's own Baobab Fare is a home recipe straight from Burundi and features a blend of fresh, fire-roasted habanero peppers and aromatic spices, blended in small batches for a savory sauce with a kick that pairs perfectly with eggs, chicken, fish, rice, beans, and more! 

Momofuku Chili Crunch

Founded by two-Michelin starred chef David Chang in 2004, Momofuku is on a mission to bring high-quality ingredients into the kitchens of home chefs all over the world. This line of delicious chili crunch seasoning packs a punch and adds a flavorful zip to any dish, and will elevate your dining-in game. 

Momofuku Seasoned Salt

Featuring bold ingredients and expertly crafted flavor profiles, these seasoned salts add a customizable zip and flavor profile to your favorite snacks and meals. 

Craig's Coffee

Although Craig's Coffee is a Detroit staple, their coffee is sourced from all over the world and is 100% traceable, meaning they know exactly where their coffee comes from, down to the names of the farmers, their farms, and the processing stations that turn the coffee fruit into the "bean." This diligent process ensures a delicious, full-bodied flavor in every cup, and makes a mouth-watering gift for the coffee-lovers in your life. 

Blume Blends

These micro-ground blends from Blume are perfect for adding to lattes, oatmeal, smoothies, and more, and are packed with powerful, organic superfoods like turmeric, matcha, and lavender to support both your physical and mental well-being.

Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

This bourbon-inspired hot sauce sauce is made with Pappy's famous, homegrown in West Central Georgia, small-batch Ghost-Peppers, blended with mild red peppers and aged in their bourbon barrels to infuse it with a rich, smoky, oaky heat that will add zest and depth to your favorite foods. 

Ladyfinger Popcorn

These farm-fresh, gourmet popcorn kernels will help you step up your snacking game for the ultimate buttery, salty goodness. 

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