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Staff Favorites Holiday Gift Guide

One perk of being on the store staff at City Bird and Nest is getting a sneak-peek at the great holiday gifts we have in the stores! Check out our Staff Favorites Holiday Gift Guide below to see what those of us in the shops can't get enough of for our friends and families (and maybe ourselves, too). Click on the photos or the links at the top to shop for yourself!

Sister Pie Cookbook

Web Coordinator & Visual Merchandiser Kim picks the Sister Pie Cookbook, saying: I gifted this to a few members of our family after making the rosemary shortbread cookies one year for Thanksgiving, and everyone loved them! Now it’s expected that we make them for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone gets so excited when we put them out, they cannot believe they do not require any egg and just a few ingredients!


Chunks Hair Clips

Both Store Manager & Assistant Buyer Marissa and Sales Associate Katherine have Chunks hair clips at the top of their list. Katherine says: I'm obsessed with this brand and would gift these to any person (she/he/they) I know!


Hemlock Bandanas

Administrative & Communications Coordinator Charlotte says: I love how versatile these are! They're so nice for wearing in your hair or around your neck, and would make a great gift for a particularly stylish or outdoorsy friend. I'd even gift these to a friend with a dog for the dog to wear!

Michigan Apple Mustard

Sales Associate Emily thinks the Michigan Apple Mustard makes a great unisex present, pairing perfectly with The Cheese Knife and the Polish or Spicy Garlic Dill Pickling Pouch to make a holiday charcuterie gift set!


Eco-Friendly Reusable Cutlery Set

Sales Associate Lucy says: This would be the perfect gift for someone who is super busy, on the go all the time, and has to eat lunch on the fly! My sister is a lawyer and has a packed schedule - she'd love this set not only for its practicality, but for the eco friendly factor as well.


Free the Tipple Cocktail Book

Sales Associate Katie picks the Free the Tipple Cocktail Book, as it makes the perfect gift for gal friends. 


Log Cabin Incense Burner

Wholesale & Bulk Sales Coordinator Annie says: I didn't know what to give to my dad last year, and randomly selected this fun little Log Cabin Incense Burner for him. To my surprise, he loves it and I've been replenishing his incense supply all year. I recommend trying it for your hard-to-shop-for friends and family as well!


Plant Nutrient

Sales Associate Mariah picks the Grow and Bloom Plant Nutrients from Modern Sprout for a plant-lover friend (And, as a bonus, Instant Plant Food, too!).


Forbidden Fruits Puzzle 

Lucy picks the Forbidden Fruits puzzle, saying: A great gift for a friend or roommate! The still life is gorgeous, and it's a great solo activity or something you can do with a group of friends on a chilly winter night. I got one of these for my birthday this year and had a blast putting it together.


Incense Matches

These are an all-around staff favorite, with Katherine, Annie, and Sales Associate Lisa all choosing them for gifts. Lisa says: They’re a great gift with total everyday use and to match ;) with a candle. I would say a target group to give matches to are parents or grandparents, as personalized matchbooks used to be a popular thing to gift (weddings, baby showers, etc.) and to collect. They’re inexpensive, fun to pick out, and great as an assortment or individual stocking stuffers. 


Sunography Paper Kit

Sales Associate Emilia says: It's a really fun process that can involve nature and some science and how chemicals and light work (without the stress of a darkroom). Add Pencil Boxes or a Painted Sketchbook to make a fun art gift set!


Tree Growing Kits


Kim says: Modern Sprout tree growing kits, gifted them to my sister's kids so they could all plant their own special tree up north at their cabin. Super fun family activity they could all do together!


Botanica Candles

Charlotte picks the Botanica Candles, saying: Each of these candles smell so nice, but the best part is, a portion of proceeds from every sale go to a wide variety of conservancy or non-profit organizations, based on the regions where each particular scent is sourced from. Candles are a classic gift, but these are perfect for someone with a mind towards wildlife preservation and giving back. 


Pewabic Detroit Tiles 

For the Detroit-lover, Katie picks these hand-pressed and glazed tiles from local ceramic studio Pewabic Pottery.


Ornament Diamond Sun Catcher

Katherine says: Gives me nostalgia for the sun catchers I had as a kid, but in a much more sophisticated design and color scheme. I'd give this to my friend who appreciates hand-crafted art.


Claudia Pearson Cat Mug

Emilia picks this cat mug from Claudia Pearson for the cat-lover of any age. Add in Cat Towels by Donna Wilson and the Cats Embroidery Kit for the ultimate themed gift set!


National Parks Candles

Both Katie and Marissa pick the Good & Well Supply National Parks Candles for a nature-lover friend. Marissa says: These are great for someone who loves to travel and is outdoors-y.


Beeswax Food Wraps

For parents, Mariah picks Goldilocks Reusable Beeswax Wraps, along with reusable straws to make an eco-friendly kitchen gift set.


Restore Bath Soak - Cypress Cannabidiol

Lucy says: My partner works long hours on the road for production crews, and loves a scented soak to relax after a long day. This has the added benefit of the cannabidiol, which is great for sore muscles.


Little Brother/Sister Mouse in a Box

Marissa picks the Mouse in a Box Toy by Maileg, saying: The cutest toy for your favorite kid, or kid at heart. 


Boobs Key Fob

Annie says: I have been surprised to find that this Boobs Key Fob is the perfect small gift for almost any occasion and recipient. The variety of colors available are beautiful and fun.


Nat and Noor Hair Clips

Kim says: My sister saw our post online for the clips and she loved them, so I got her a pair, and then some claws for my mother-in-law after gifting her one of a similar style last year. Super practical, cute, and so in style right now.


Daisy Wreath Arch Earrings

Katherine picks the Daisy Wreath Arch Earrings, saying: Floating flowers to lift my friends moods every time they wear them.


2022 Explore the World Desk Calendar

Charlotte says: I have a bit of a tradition with a (very organized) friend of mine where I end up gifting her a calendar each year for either Christmas or her January birthday. This one is gorgeous, with beautiful illustrations of world destinations. It's perfect for day-dreaming at your desk or vacation inspiration for the upcoming year!  


Michigan State Symbols Tea Towel

Annie's pick is City Bird's own Michigan State Tea Towels. She says: A perfect host/hostess gift for holiday parties. After all, EVERYONE needs a towel!

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