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Cozy & Relaxing Holiday Gift Guide

For your friend or family member who deserves a day (or week, or two) dedicated to self-care, these hand-picked items will remind them to slow down, unwind, and give some love to their mind and body. Click on the photos or the links at the top to shop for yourself!


Rosemarine Bandanas

These naturally-dyed cotton gauze bandanas are perfect for pushing your hair back after a long day and tossing on a face mask.


Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate

This smooth and sweet hot chocolate will warm both body and soul on a chilly winter’s night, with just a pinch of salt for added flavor. 


Old Whaling Co. Bath Bombs

With aromatic scents like Spearmint & Eucalyptus and Coastal Calm, you can be sure to relax with these bath bombs from the Carolina coast. 


Paddywax Essential Oils

These 100% natural essential oils by Paddywax come in single notes or expertly-crafted blends. Place in their ceramic diffuser to create the ultimate aroma-therapy experience. 


Raaka Chocolates

Indulge all your senses with unroasted dark chocolate from Raaka. Featuring a range of unique flavors, these bars encourage eating dessert first.

Fat and the Moon Face Mist 

Perfect for the friend in your life who is always on the go, this Fat & The Moon organic Sage and Rose Face Mist is an easy way to check in with the skin and ensures a burst of rejuvenation.

Ilera Body Butter


Available in four, all-natural scents to meet a range of skincare needs, these body butters by Detroit-based line Ilera ensure smooth, hydrated, and soft skin, perfect for applying post-soak. 

White Sage Smudge Bundle


Give your space a cleanse before settling in for a cozy night at home with these wild-gathered sage bundles from California’s high deserts. 


Willow & Water Bubble Bath

Notes of cocoa butter, green tea, ginger, and lemongrass help to create a bath routine that is soothing and moisturizing, ideal for sinking into after a long day.

Tea Drops

Simply add water to enjoy these delicious, playful Tea Drops. Featuring a range of flavors, these waste-free teas are sure to fit any mood. 


Detroit Rose Detox Clay Mask

Made from French green clay and kaolin clay, this detoxifying mask by Detroit Rose draws out impurities, giving your skin the care and attention it deserves. 


Great Lakes Crewneck

Curl up on a chilly night in this soft, cozy sweatshirt featuring the Great Lakes. Perfect for a night at HOME. 


Simply Curated Candles


Give your home space a refresh with these soy candles from Grand Rapids-based maker Simply Curated, whose botanical based scents are sure to freshen and brighten your day. 


Glow & Grow Kits


This two-for-one gift lets you unwind with a soy-blend candle before burning down to the perfect plant pot, great for your favorite green-thumbed friend. 

PF Candle Incense


Cozy, earthy scents like amber & moss, pinon, and cedar & sagebrush will help to clear the air and the mind.


Daughter of the Land Bath Soaks

Infused with cannabidiol, these organic, vegan bath soaks will help to soothe sore muscles and unwind. 


Donna Wilson Towels

After a long bath, wrap up and dry off with these cozy, soft cotton towels from Donna Wilson. 

The Contents Co. Candles

Minimalistic and clean, these soy candles smell as good as they look. Available in two sizes!

Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask

A must-have for the traveller in your life, Binchotan charcoal is known to absorb oils and toxins from the skin. This luxurious satiny mask blocks out light and gently stimulates circulation to promote relaxation, comfort, and sleep.

Lamie Wellness Teas 

Sit back, relax, and sip your way to serenity with these environmentally conscious loose-leaf teas from Lamie Wellness. Pairs well with your favorite mug and a good book.

Good at Naps Blanket

This blanket tells it like it is. This cotton throw will complete your busy friend’s much-needed midday snooze. Sweet dreams! 

Stoneware Incense Holder


Handmade in Detroit by Porcelinen, this ceramic incense holder will perfectly hold your favorite incense or Palo Santo sticks, melting away stress. The yin-yang design creates a balanced harmony, helping you to get grounded as you rest and relax. 


Formulary55 Foot Soak


This peppermint and eucalyptus scented sea-mineral foot soak is perfect for the friend who is always on their feet. 

Night Before Christmas Puzzle


Nothing says cozy night in like a Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle! Watch the snow drift down outside as you complete the scene, hot cocoa optional.  

Hugs From Detroit Mug

Why not give the best gift of all this year - a hug! Send some love from the Motor City to a faraway friend, reminding them that you’ve got their back. 

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