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New Year's Collection

A new year is a fresh start to invest in self-care, tackle projects, and turn your plans into reality. We've got lots of ways for you to stay organized, relaxed, and ready to check off your resolutions as we head into the new year in this collection - click the links or the photos below to shop!

Baggu 13" & 16" Laptop Sleeves

Meeting deadlines and word counts will be made a lot easier with these puffy laptop sleeves from Baggu that keep your laptop as cute as it is protected. 

Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff, Eye Mask, & Body Scrub Towel

This set of binchotan charcoal-infused self-care products will ensure that you make some time to pamper yourself this new year. 

Reusable Produce Bags & Beeswax Food Wraps

Make this the year that you eliminate single-use plastic bags and wraps by investing in these eco-friendly, all-natural reusable produce bags.

Maison Louis Marie Eau de Parfum and Perfume Oil & Kelly + Jones Perfumes

Treat yourself to a fresh bottle of fragrant, expertly crafted perfumes from two of our favorite perfumers, Maison Louis Marie and Kelly + Jones, so you can step into the new year in luxury. 


From pasta and ramen to pasties and pies, this collection of cookbooks feature tons of tasty recipes that will help you kick start the new year on a delicious note. 

Brass Plant Mister & Vintage Watering Can

If one of your resolutions is to hone your green thumb, this cute brass mister and vintage-inspired watering can are the perfect way to give your plants some TLC. 

Blume Blends

These micro-ground blends from Blume are perfect for adding to lattes, oatmeal, smoothies, and more, and are packed with powerful, organic superfoods like turmeric, matcha, and lavender to support both your physical and mental well-being as you head into this new year. 

Les Essentials Knife Set

Invest in your cooking skills this new year with this colorful set of small, stainless steel kitchen knives from Opinel, featuring a paring knife, a vegetable knife, a serrated paring knife, and a stationary peeler in a vibrant 1950's-inspired colorway. 


Whether you are jotting down grocery lists, to-do lists, appointments, or random memos, these cute notepads are a must-have for staying organized and on-task no matter what the new year brings. 

Reusable Water Bottles

Keep up with your New Year's resolution to drink more water with these handy reusable water bottles that will also help you cut back on disposable water bottles while you're at it.   

Good at Naps Throw Blanket

Ease into the new year with this cozy throw blanket that encourages rest and relaxation.  

Arts and Crafts Kits

Let 2024 be the year you learn a new hobby and brighten your home with these fun craft kits that encourage creativity and play. 

Bath Salts, Bombs, & Soaks

Relax and rejuvenate as you head into the new year with this collection of soothing bath salts, bombs, and soaks that will get you in the right headspace to tackle upcoming projects. 

Passport Wallet

If you're planning on checking some vacation destinations off of your bucket list this year, you'll want this leather passport holder to keep your documents safe and remind you of home as you travel. 

Farm Steady Food Kits

Expand your knowledge of your favorite foods with these fun kits that let you experiment in the kitchen.

Baggu Soft Sun Hats

Taking care of your skin and protecting yourself from sun damage should be at the top of everyone's resolutions for 2024, and these cute, packable sun hats from Baggu will help you do just that no matter where the year takes you.

Hawkins New York Linen Oven Mitts, Pot Holders, Waffle Dish Towels, & Yarn-Dyed Dish Towels

Treat yourself and your kitchen to an upgrade this year with this pretty collection of kitchen essentials from Hawkins New York. 

Gardening Gloves

There's nothing as rewarding as growing your own fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs, and these adorable gardening gloves will help you reap your harvest each season in style. 

Face Oils, CreamsSteams, & Masks

Enter the new year glowing with this collection of soothing face oils, creams, steams, and masks that will soothe you and leave you feeling refreshed. 

Sweetgrass Smudge Braid & Palo Santo Bundle

The start of a new year is a great time to cleanse the space around you and rid it of any negative energies, ensuring a fresh start.

Journals & Notebooks

Journaling is a great way to set your goals and plan for the future, and these pretty notebooks and journals will give you a clean slate for dreaming and planning. 

Face, Hand, & Bath Towels

Brighten up your bathroom with these sweet sets of face, hand, and bath towels to add a little joy to your morning routine. 

Plant Nutrient & Instant Plant Food

No more dead plants in 2024! Treat your house plant jungle to these plant nutrients and fertilizers for rich soil and beautiful, leafy blooms. 

Reusable Kitchen Goods

Organize your kitchen and reduce single-waste plastics all at once with this handy collection of reusable, on-the-go kitchen goods.  

Red Jasper Face Roller

Roll away your troubles of the past year with this Red Jasper face roller that helps de-puff, contour, and stimulates healthy drainage and circulation for smooth, glowing skin. 

Jar Planter Kit & Tapered Tumbler Kit

Cultivating your own herb garden can be a fun way to hone your green thumb as well as your skills in the kitchen, making these the perfect kits for the new year.

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