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The perfect oil for sizzling up your favorite dish! Before you say “evoo isn’t for cooking,” read this: thanks to the super stable picual olive, sizzle was born for the heat. It’s still 100% extra-virgin, but made with mid-harvest olives that give it a more mellow flavor. Sizzle is a peak harvest extra virgin olive oil. What exactly does that mean? The harvest season in Spain goes from October to January. Sizzle is harvested between the end of November until the beginning of January, when the olives are at their most ripe. They've grown bigger, juicier, and have turned dark green or purple. When pressed, these plump olives yield much more oil than during the early harvest. That oil is much more mellow, but still packed with flavor. We recommend using sizzle with anything you're cooking or heating up! Shelf life: 12–24 months. Made in Spain.  



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