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Soap Distillery Bar Soap

Soap Distillery Bar Soap

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These cocktail inspired soaps from Soap Distillery are palm free and full of olive oil, sunflower oil, and essential oils and produce a nice bubbly lather without drying your skin out. Made by hand in Chicago, Illinois. 


  • Agave + Salted Peel - clean and green, this sea salted soap smells like blue agave, cut limes, and sea salt. Made with sea salt and aloe.
  • Beer + Cigarettes - green dried tobacco leaves, freshly cut lavender buds, and just a touch of damp oakmoss. 
  • Bloody Mary - features notes of cucumber blossoms, celery seed, lemon, sage, and basil with hints of black pepper and celery salt. 
  • Bourbon - features notes of oak wood combined with a touch of vanilla and has added ground clove for a light exfoliation.
  • Desert Lavender - a classic blend of lavender buds, coriander seed, and sweet orange pays homage to aromatics in unlikely places. 
  • Earl Grey - made with black tea and fragranced with the perfect blend of essential oils to create a deep, sultry, black tea, and bright citrusy bergamot peel scent.
  • Elderflower - freshly bloomed elderflowers mingle with citrus and sugar for a spring and summer fragrance available year-round.
  • Gin - features notes of crisp juniper berry, honeysuckle, and clary sage.
  • Hot Toddy - the perfect winter cocktail complete with spice. Has scent notes of whiskey, clove, and lemon.
  • Honey Whiskey - features notes of cinnamon that is blended with black pepper, vanilla, and raw honey, contains oats for a bit of exfoliation. 
  • Lavender Bitters - features floral notes with a hint of spice and citrus, lavender, and orange.
  • Lemoncello - a bright and citrusy but creamy blend of essential oils infused in a soap with poppy seeds and calendula petals. Features notes of lemongrass and bergamot.  
  • Long Island - a uplifting blend of lemongrass and lime peel to give you a pick me up whenever you need it.
  • Matcha Latte - your favorite latte in a fragrance. Grassy, earthy, sweet, and mysterious.
  • Mint Mojito - a refreshing blend of peppermint, spearmint, juicy lime, and just a touch of spicy rum! 
  • Negroni - notes of bitter orange, orange peel, and herbs will help you start your day right.
  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa - notes of cocoa, peppermint, and whipped cream.
  • Sequoia + Wild Sage - inspired by hikes in the pacific northwest. Towering redwoods, dewy wild sage, mossy basalt and an ocean breeze in the distance.

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