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Organic Fruit Gummies

Organic Fruit Gummies

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HEY YUM! makes yummilicious organic candy infused with fruit, enhanced with honey and sugar, and stirred with sweet intentions. Trust us, they are so yummy! We actually decided to bring this line in after one of the owners was gifted a bag! Available in 4 flavors and shapes.


  • Triassic Garden! Fruit Mallows - an ancient garden where you will meet sweet and yummy organic mallows in the shape of dinosaurs with fruity flavours and a sip of honey. 
  • Magic Forest! - a universe of soft, juicy organic fruit gums with a note of honey in the shapes of elves, butterflies, owls and many more magical creatures.
  • Love Spring! - soft, vegan fruit gummies infused with delicious red berries and formed from a love theme with hearts, fish and water drops.
  • Sour Flower! - a beautiful world with delicious lush flowers and kind gummy rabbits with a rich taste of fruit and sprinkled with sour sugar crystals. 

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