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Juniper Ridge Incense

Juniper Ridge Incense

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A customer favorite! Bring the smell of the great outdoors into your space with these incense sticks from Juniper Ridge! Each pack comes with 20 incense sticks that are made from sustainably harvested plants, tree sap, wood, and bamboo stick. No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. Available in 5 captivating scents.


  • Sweetgrass - tonka bean, freshly baked alfalfa, sweet scented bedstraw.
  • Douglas Fir - mountain lodge hearth, smoldering pitch, dry loam.
  • White Sage - soft chaparral, dry mojave earth, sun washed desert slopes.
  • Cedar - spicy ginger, fresh moss, ancient coastal rainforest.
  • California Juniper - dried leather, dusty stone, sweet resin.
  • Desert Pinon - sun baked granite, warm chiminea, desert varnish.

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