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Botanica Candles

Botanica Candles

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These beautiful Soy Wax Candles from Botanica not only smell great, they also give back. With each candle sold, Botanica donates $1 back to a region-specific non-profit organization in the same area they collect their indigenous fragrance ingredients from. Each candle donates to a separate organization, you can see exactly which organization your favorite scent supports below. Available in 6 different scents and has a 50 hour burn time. 

 Scent notes:

  • Canopy- inspired by the Amazonian Rainforest and features notes of verdant wood, eucalyptus & water lily with a base of teak and moss. With every Canopy candle sale, Botanica donates $1 to the Amazon Watch.
  • Grove - inspired by the Indian River County on the eastern coast of Florida and features notes of blood and valencia orange, sea salt, and lemon lerbena. With every Grove candle sale, Botanica donates $1 to the Everglades Foundation.
  • Nirvana - inspired by the spices and plants indigenous to India and features notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and a hint of a spiced citrus base. This earthy scent is cozy, and zen-like. With every Nirvana candle sale, Botanica donates $1 to PRATHAM to help child literacy in India. 
  • Rainer - inspired by the indigenous plant varieties of the Pacific Northwest and features notes of redwood, fern, lemon balm, lupine, lavender, and freshly cut florals. With every Rainer candle sale, Botanica donates $1 to the North Olympic Land Trust.  
  • Reef - inspired by a tropical paradise and features a sweet blend of tropical fruit, citrus, and sea salt. With every Reef candle sold, Botanica donates $1 to Great Barrier Reef Foundation. 
  • Savana - sweet and heady at the start, this fragrance’s base of Tobacco, Santal and Petitgrain is tempered with the mellow, grassy notes from true chamomile. With fragrance oils derived from the native fruits and plants of the African savanna, this scent is topped with just a hint of patchouli for the ultimate warm, earthy, delight. With every Savanna candle sold, Botanica donates $1 to help Save the Rhino Inc.
  • Teahupo's is inspired by the floral ocean breeze and features notes of fresh Tahitian flowers combined with fresh sea salt. With every Teahupo's candle sold, Botanica donates $1 to help with ocean sustainability in French Polynesia. 

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