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PF Candles - City Bird

P.F Candle Co. - Classic Candles

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The classic collection from PF Candle is inspired by the great outdoors and earthy aromas. Available in two sizes: 7.2oz and 12.5oz. These candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax, fine fragrance oils, and cotton-core wicks. Comes inside of a lovely amber glass jar with kraft label and brass lid. 


  • Amber & Moss - A weekend in the mountains, sun gleaming through the canopy. Sage, moss, and lavender.
  • Black Fig - Backyard fruit trees, something baking in the oven. A little spicy and just sweet enough. Evergreen, mission fig, and spice.
  • Copal - Farmer’s market herbs, dinners al fresco, incense burning in the distance. Rosemary, resin, and cardamom.
  • Pinon - Winters in the Southwest, lingering bonfires, wool jackets in rotation. Piñon logs, cedar, and vanilla.
  • Teakwood & Tobacco - The one that started it all. Some call it the boyfriend scent, we call it the O.G. Leather, teak, and orange.
  • Golden Coast - Big Sur magic, wild sage baking in the sun, the rumble of waves and rocks. Eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo.
  • Neroli & Eucalyptus - Inspired by modern botanical bouquets: herbaceous neroli and honeyed orange blossom take the lead, with a dash of minty eucalyptus for a rejuvenating finish.
  • Sandalwood Rose - New York meets Los Angeles. Cashmere rose, oud, and sandalwood.
  • Sweet Grapefruit - Ice cold lemonade. Dinner on the patio with your favorite people. Grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon.
  • Patchouli Sweetgrass - A windows-open, incense-burning Saturday with nowhere to be. Cream, sweetgrass, and smoke.
  • Spiced Pumpkin - Pumpkin cake, lots of butter, Harry Potter weekend. With warm, comforting notes of nutmeg, pumpkin, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
  • Spruce - Infused with pine and cedarwood essential oils, this spruce-scented candle smells just like a walk through a patch of dense, snow-powdered forest. 
  • Smoky Cinnamon Special - Clinking glasses, crackling firewood, lighting one up while the records spin. Bitter orange, cassia bark, and patchouli.
  • Sunbloom - Day-tripping in the desert, spring’s first bloom, infinite blankets of kaleidoscopic wildflowers. Golden-rayed lily, yarrow, and tonka bean.


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