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Mezcal Perfume Oils

Mezcal Perfume Oils

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Journey into the agave fields of Mexico with Eau de Mezcal by Kelly + Jones, fragrance inspired by the world’s most enrapturing spirit. Each scent comes inside of a glass bottle with silver roll-on applicator and cap. Contains no alcohol; simply fragrance and essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base. Hand-poured. Size: 6.0ml/0.2fl oz


  • Blanca - is blend of sheer citrus and solar resins featuring peppercorn, palm leaf, oaxacan sea salt, juniper, and star anise.
  • Negra - is a blend of smoked woods & mystical spice featuring sonoran pine, black lime, guaiacwood, cajeta, and clary sage. 
  • Roja -  is a blend of desert bloom & warm minerals featuring cacao blossom, corn silk, vetiver, ocote wood, and oak barrel. 
  • Verde - is a blend of mayan leaves & catskills cascades featuring limón, fern, white sage, violet leaf, and birch incense.




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