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Zodiac Gift Guide: Gemini

Whimsical, optimistic, day dreaming Geminis are the social butterflies of the Zodiac for a reason - they have a little something to give to everyone. Check out our gift guide for the witty air sign that keeps everyone charmed. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Citrine Hoops

Yellow is a lucky color for Geminis, and citrine has properties that will help boost Geminis' already abundant joy and optimism.

Taper Candle Holders

Whimsical Geminis won't settle for basic decor, and will love these fun taper candle holders made up of squiggles and wiggles. 

Death Valley Nails

Geminis love variety, and these bold, colorful nail polishes from Death Valley Nails come in enough colors to keep up with their ever-changing moods. 

Coloring Books

Multi-faceted Geminis love both getting creative and vegging out with a good TV show or movie, and these cute coloring books will meet both needs. 

Golden Gems Mugs

These upbeat mugs will resonate with Geminis optimistic outlook on life and help to kickstart their day. 

Cavallini Butterfly Puzzle 

Known as the social butterflies of the Zodiac, this 1000-piece, vintage-inspired butterfly puzzle will help keep Geminis sane on quiet, rainy days. 

Baggu Fanny Packs & Drawstring Backpacks 

With busy social calendars, Geminis are always on the go, and these cute fanny packs and backpacks will help them stay organized as they move from outing to outing. 

Confetti Cutting Boards 

With its many simultaneous steps, cooking can be the perfect hobby for creative Geminis, and they'll love these colorful cutting boards that will keep their kitchen as bright as they are. 

Hope Rainbow Studs

Geminis aren't afraid to make a statement, and these colorful earrings will perfectly complement their cheerful disposition.

Cocktail Books

Making cocktails is the perfect hobby for Geminis, who love to entertain guests and be the life of the party. 

Market Ceramic Candles 

With fresh, sweet scents like lemongrass, lavender, citrus, and mint, these market-inspired candles are perfect for light and breezy air sign Geminis. 

Be Lucky Key Fob

Happy-go-lucky Geminis will love these playful key fob to keep on them at all times, reminding them that they make their own luck. 

Moglea Painted Notebooks

Geminis tend to have minds that work a mile a minute, and these pretty, hand-painted notebooks will help them get all of their thoughts down on paper. 

Blume Micro-Ground Blends

High-energy Geminis don't need as much caffeine to get going as the rest of us, so they'll love these organic, micro-ground blends as a coffee replacement, featuring yummy flavors like matcha coconut, chai oat milk, and lavender. 

Mini Claw Hair Clips

These mini claw hair clips are just so adorable, quirky, and versatile - just like Geminis!

Teaspressa Champagne Cocktail & Mimosa Kits

These fun cocktail cubes are as effervescent and bubbly as Geminis, who will love how simple it is to make delicious cocktails with these. 

Friends Throw Blanket

Social butterfly Geminis will love this cute throw blanket that will remind them of their many, many friends. 

Totem Candles

These fun, funky totem candles make the perfect decor for whimsical Geminis, who love to fill their space with unique decor.  

Corkcicle & Rifle Canteens

Busy Geminis are always on the go, and these cute canteens from Corkcicle and Rifle Paper Co. will help them stay hydrated and healthy. 

Hey Yum! Gummies

These gummies that come in both sweet and sour flavors are perfect for multi-faceted Geminis. 

Birds Embroidery Kit

Air sign Geminis are free spirits, and will love learning a new skill and having this pretty bird embroidery for their own nest when they are done. 

Poketo Sheer Socks

Geminis love to try out new trends, and these cute sheer socks are available in a variety of styles and will satisfy Geminis' need for whimsy. 

Meadowland Daydream Collection

Variety is the spice of life, and these delicious, summery simple syrups will be the spice of every daydreaming Geminis' cocktails, baked goods, or seltzers. 

Purple Checked Pot

For Geminis with a green thumb, this cute purple checked pot will make the perfect addition to their house plant collection. 

Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Crafty Geminis will love getting their hands messy with this fun rainbow bagel making kit. 

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