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Women-Owned Businesses Feature: Apothecary & Candles

We are so proud to partner with several Detroit and Michigan-based, women-owned apothecary and candle vendors in our shops! In honor of Women's History Month, we'll be featuring a few of our local favorites for the month of March! See below to learn more about what makes these makers special! 

ILERA Apothecary

CEO and Founder of Detroit-based company ILERA Apothecary Chinonye Akunne has a background in Public Health and Environmental Health Science, and decided to use her education and knowledge toward creating products beneficial to the skin and body. 

Each product from ILERA contains naturally derived ingredients made with sustainable practices. In addition, the company strives to celebrate Akunne's Nigerian heritage by using ingredients that can be found in Africa, such as chamomile, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

While ILERA's main focus is on creating products that give customers soft, glowing skin, they also maintain global partnerships that work towards doing social good. 

To keep up with ILERA Apothecary, follow them on Instagram at @ileraapothecary

Check out our selection of products from ILERA Apothecary below! 


JKM Soy Candles

Started as a hobby in her one-bedroom apartment in 2008, the family team at JKM Soy Candles (initials of company founder Jenny, her husband Kris, and their first daughter, Madeleine) proudly hand-pour each candle out of their Wyandotte, Michigan home.

The line remains inspired by the sights, smells, and even tastes of Michigan and Detroit, including playful, aromatic scents such as Faygo Red Pop, Belle Isle Botanicals, and I’d Rather Be Up North.

JKM Candles use 100% soybean wax and boast a 45-65 hour burn time for long-term enjoyment. 

Keep up with the JKM team on Instagram at @jkmsoycandles.  

Shop our selection of JKM Candles below! 


Motor City Soap

After taking a soap-making workshop in Detroit, Motor City Soap founder Caitlyn Pisarski was inspired to start her own line in 2012. Motor City Soap focuses on creating handmade, vegan soaps and other apothecary items, such as lip balms and deodorants, with a focus on eliminating harmful synthetics. Each item is made using a small batch, cold process method, containing only plant-based and locally-sourced ingredients, making them good for the earth as well as for the skin. 

Inspired by the everyday person, each soap in the Motor City Soap line is named after a type of worker, such as the Coal Miner, the Yogi, and the Toymaker. Each bar is lightly scented and gender neutral, and the gentle, moisturizing cleanse is appropriate for use on the face or the body.

To see more from Motor City Soap, check out their Instagram @motorcitysoap

Shop our line here!:

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