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Vendor Feature: Scarlet Crane Creations

Scarlet Crane Creations

Scarlet Crane Creations focuses on creating beautiful, original screen-printed textiles from their Detroit-based printing house. Designer and founder Shayla Johnson creates all of their unique prints, finding inspiration in both natural, floral patterns as well as abstract, geometric patterns reminiscent of the streets and historic buildings of Detroit. With a passion for local architecture, all of Shayla's items are thoughtfully made with the goal of fitting any lifestyle, offering a range of accessories and home decor. 

We chatted with Shayla about some of her favorite spots, items, and what she's looking forward to most this year: 

What is your favorite place to visit in Detroit?
SJ: I love spending time with my family at Belle Isle.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to? 
SJ: The Island of St Lucia.

What initially drew you to making home decor and accessories?
SJ: I worked for many years as a sales associate for Crate & Barrel in Atlanta and later at the flagship Chicago store which taught me a lot about the customer. The aesthetic and simplicity of the designs inspired me to develop products of my own that would have a similar appeal both aesthetically and functionally.

What is your favorite product of yours that you’ve made?
SJ: I love the “Sunshine Bouquet” tea towel and my watercolor painting that inspired it.

What are you most excited about for 2022?
SJ: I am most excited about developing more floral collections that are bold and unique.

To see more from Shayla and Scarlet Crane Creations, check out their Instagram at @scarletcrane

Shop our collection of Scarlet Crane Creations housewares below!:

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