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Zodiac Gift Guide: Scorpio

Mysterious, brave, and ambitious Scorpios know how to set a mood and keep a secret. This fall, celebrate the witchiest sign of the zodiac with our Zodiac Gift Guide: Scorpio and embrace the curious side of life. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Serpent Stud Earrings & Golden Serpent Ring

Though represented by the scorpion, Scorpios are also associated with serpents for their strong intuition and quick, bold actions. These pretty brass jewelry pieces are sure to make a statement. 

Wild Yonder Bath Salts

Featuring ingredients like crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey, organic jojoba, and organic essential oils and resins, these bath salts are packed full of good vibrations and will help water sign Scorpios unwind and relax.

Good Medicine Candles

Made right here in Detroit, Scorpios will love the rich, aromatic scents featured in these Good Medicine candles, tart citrus, spicy clove, pipe tobacco, and cedar. Plus, the pretty packaging falls is perfect for Scorpios' color palette. 

Little Book of Cacti

Featuring dramatic blooms, hot temperatures, and a spiky attitude, cacti are the type of house plants that are right up Scorpios' allies.

Moon Phases Mug

Scorpios will love their morning coffee or evening tea in this mug that features the ever-changing, always mysterious moon, just like them. 

Strong Ass Women's Club Pins

Scorpios lead with unwavering strength in the face of trouble and will love this pin that celebrates one of their best qualities. 

Chili Crunch & Seasoned Salt

Not ones for blandness, Scorpios will love kicking things up a notch by adding delicious, flavorful seasonings from famed restaurant Momofuku to their favorite meals. 

Fat and the Moon Apothecary

Water sign Scorpios will appreciate Fat and the Moon bath soaks and mermaid hair masks, as well as the homage the line pays to the mysterious, mystical moon by using plant-based properties. 

Waverly Earrings

Dramatic and bold yet made from a soft, delicate clay, these pretty earrings by Hollybanks Lane will appeal to both the tough exterior and sensitive interior of Scorpios. 

Big Fucking Plans Notebook

Scorpios have big dreams and even bigger lists of those who've wronged them and will love this handy notebook to keep things straight.

Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

Scorpios will need a jewelry stand as eclectic as their jewelry, and this palmistry-themed stand will do just the trick. 

Wild & Free Patch

There's no use trying to hold a Scorpio back, and this patch is perfect way for them to express their independence. 

I Fucking Love You Candle

They may seem intimidating, but Scorpios are really just softies who have trouble being vulnerable. This candle will help you show them you care without being too mushy. 

Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

This homemade hot sauce kit is a fun way for Scorpios to channel their overthinking tendencies towards a productive, tasty goal that will appeal to their proclivity for spiciness. 

Cosmos Minute Pot

This pretty navy pot will appeal to Scorpios sleek and moody interior design taste and caring for a houseplant will give them a fun project to focus on. 

Mystic Spells & Fuck Off Socks

Scorpios will appreciate a subtle way to showcase their mood, and these socks are perfect for the days they're feeling particularly sassy. 

Poketo Nail Polish

Red is one of Scorpios' lucky colors, and these bright nail colors from Poketo will give Scorpios a manicure that is as bold as they are. 

Potions, Elixirs, and Brews Book

Summon your Scorpio bestie for a night of concocting potions, elixirs, and brews from this magical cocktail book.

Paddywax Match Boxes

A must-have complement to candles, these cute matches will strike a chord with audacious Scorpios.

Luna Print

Scorpios don't shy away from the darker side of things, and this pretty lunar-inspired print serves as a reminder of the cyclical, transitory nature of life. 

Hot Toddy Cocktail Syrup & Hot Toddy Camp Craft Cocktail

Whiskey, cinnamon, and spices are surefire ingredients to a drink Scorpios will love, and these hot toddy syrups and kits make at-home bartending a breeze.

Spooky Michigan & Michigan Myths and Legends Books

Spooky tales are one of Scorpios' favorite things, and their morbid sense of curiosity will be stoked by these locally-sourced books. 

Cecile Clips

These cute hair clips will help Scorpios make a statement for when they want to let something else do the talking. 

Wicked Woman Keytag

Though Scorpios may be sensitive, they aren't afraid of a bad reputation and embraces their dark side. 

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Tarot is the perfect way for Scorpios to tap into their inherent divination abilities and the energy of others for guidance for questions big and small.

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