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Great Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide

Answer the call of the wild with these gifts inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Ideal for the camper, hiker, or anyone who needs a breath of fresh air in your life. Click on the photos or the links at the top to shop for yourself! 


National Parks Enamel Pins

Keep your favorite National Parks close to your heart with these enamel pins perfect for bags, hats, jackets, and more.


Northern Nail Polish

These bright, vegan nail polishes from Traverse City-based Northern Nail Polish are inspired by the natural beauty of Michigan, with colors like Arch Rock and Lake Huron. 

Field Notes National Parks Notebooks

What better way to remember your travels through America's National Parks than with these beautifully illustrated Field Notes notebooks? With four different sets, each highlighting three different parks, these notebooks cover a lot of ground.


Huckleberry Magnifier & Pressed Flower Frame

Help your favorite little one explore the outdoors with these gifts from Huckleberry. With its 5x and 10x magnification, the dual magnifier is perfect for viewing bugs, rocks, and leaves up close, and the pressed flower frame will help them treasure what they find. 


Detroit Flora & Fauna Print

Who says nature can't be found in the city? This beautiful silkscreened print from City Bird celebrates the local flora and fauna found in Detroit. It might be the Motor City, but there's a lot to see on foot, too!


Night Sky Enamel Cup Candle

Bring the outdoors indoors with this sandalwood and blood orange scented candle. Once the candle is burned down, the enamel camp mug is perfect for warming up coffee over a fire!


Noticing & Woven Embroidery Kits


These embroidery kits will keep your mind and hands busy, creating a finished product that's as beautiful as it is entertaining to make. 


Champion Trees Mug

Designed in partnership with American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the United State, this mug is perfect for anyone who wants to brush up on their tree-identifying skills and give back to nature - one tree will be planted with every purchase! 


Detroit Plants T-Shirt

Featuring illustrations of Detroit's local flora, this shirt will make any city-dwelling nature-lover happy. 


Juniper Ridge Room Sprays

With scents like Sierra Forest, Coastal Pine, and Redwood Mist, these room sprays from Juniper Ridge bring the fragrances of the Pacific Northwest right into your home! 


Kala Soaps


Show your skin some love with these soaps from Kala, derived from all-natural ingredients hand-harvested in the mountains, lava slopes, and plains of Iceland. 


Stormy Kromer Hat

Invented by railroad man George "Stormy" Kromer in 1903, these Michigan-made hats were born out of a need to stay warm in harsh Midwest winters. Their ear-flaps and cozy wool exterior make them the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't let a little snow stop them from enjoying the great outdoors. 


Sweetgrass Smudge Braid & White Sage Bundle 


Harvested from the alpine meadows of the west and California's High Deserts, these bundles will help you cleanse your home and bring a dose of nature into your space.


Framed Butterflies

These ethically-sourced framed butterflies make a great statement piece for anyone who needs a burst of color and whimsy in their home. 


June & December Tea Towels


Eucalyptus, berries, and tea leaves are just a few of the illustrations you can find on these gorgeous, Michigan-made tea towels. 


Michigan Trees & Wildflowers Pocket Guide


Familiarize yourself with the bountiful trees and wildflowers of Michigan with this folding pocket guide. Ideal for nature walks and hikes, you'll soon be an expert of identifying the flora all around you!


National Parks Candles & Incense

Bring home the scents of your favorite National Parks like Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and more with these candles and incense cones from Good & Well Supply. Sit back, relax, and day-dream about your travels through these beautiful wonders of nature.


Seed Slinger Wilderness Restoration Kit

Become a wilderness warrior with this playful seed-slinger kit from Modern Sprout. Plant seeds, restore nature, and have fun while doing it! 


Wildflowers Tote Bag

This tote bag featuring gorgeous vintage illustrations of wildflowers is sure to brighten up any day. With room enough for binoculars, notebooks, and trail snacks, it's the perfect companion for a walk in the park. 


Great Lakes Wildlife Nature Activity Book

Fun for kids (or adults!) this activity book features Great Lakes-related games, quizzes, and activities that encourage an interest in nature and the natural sciences for children.


Juniper Ridge Body Washes

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience with these fragrant body washes, featuring scents reminiscent of nature. Because it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way and can be used on the trail or by the sink as well. 


National Parks Puzzles


Piece your way to the serene landscapes of mountain ranges, rivers, and valleys with these puzzles from Cavallini. Perfect for the friend itching to get back to nature! 


Compact Backpacks

Perfect for camping or hiking trips, this compact backpack unfolds to a full size when you need it, and easily folds back into its compact size when you are done for easy and light carrying. 


Tree Growing Kit

Don't just be a tree-hugger - be a tree-planter! These tree-planting kits make it easy to participate in nature and work to restore wilderness. 


National Parks Air Fresheners

When you can't be out on the trail, these National Parks-themed air fresheners make the perfect addition to any car ride. Featuring scents like pine needle, sage, and cedarwood, they come in six varieties of parks so there is something for everyone. 

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