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Halloween Favorites

This Halloween, tap into your inner magic and embrace the weird, mystical, and strange sides of life. Cast a spell, make a potion, or simply curl up for a scary movie and some candy - there's no wrong way to celebrate Halloween, and we've got all you need to make your October 31st a magical one. Click the links or photos below to shop!

Potions, Elixirs, & Brews Cocktail Book

Summon your coven and invite them over for a night of making potions, elixirs, and brews from this magical cocktail book. Functioning as both delicious recipes and effective spells, each potion is accompanied by a simple ritual to supercharge its effectiveness.

Hocus Pocus Mug & Moon Phase Mug

Enjoy a cup of witch's brew (or a pumpkin spiced latte) out of one of these cute mugs that celebrate everyone's favorite witchy trio and the mysterious side of life. 

Cellar Door Fall Soaps

There's nothing scary about how good these soaps smell, featuring cozy fall scents like crisp apple, fallen leaves, and spiced clove. 

Mineralogy, Moon Phases, & Sawtooth

From making Halloween cookies and apple cider donuts to roasting pumpkin seeds and making pumpkin pie, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens in the fall, and these pretty, mystical tea towels will set the tone for all your cozy baking moments this season.

Seasonal Candles

Get a cozy blanket, pop some popcorn, and light one of these fall-themed candles for the ultimate spooky movie marathon night. 

Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

You don't need to be a fortune teller to see that this unique jewelry stand will give you a "hand" keeping all your precious accessories and amulets safe. 

Spooky Michigan & Michigan Myths and Legends

Nothing says Halloween like curling up with a spooky story, and these books are full of bone-chilling tales right from Michigan. 

Ghost Hoop Earrings, Serpent Stud Earrings, Golden Serpent Ring, & Luz de la Luna Signet Ring

If you're looking for a simple way to add a little Halloween flair to your wardrobe, these pretty pieces are equal parts spooky, pretty, and fun so you can wear them on All Hallow's Eve or all year long. 

Wild Yonder Botanicals Bath Salts, Wild Yonder Botanicals Zodiac Bath Soaks, & Botanical Bath Tea Sets

Skip the tricks and go straight for the treats this Halloween with these soothing zodiac, tarot, and gemstone-inspired bath soaks and salts that will have you indulging in a very luxurious witch's brew. 

Detroit Nain Rouge T-Shirts

Though the Marche du Nain Rouge is celebrated in Detroit every March, these City Bird original t-shirts featuring the mischievous demon make the perfect attire for Devil's Night shenanigans. 

The Astrology of You and Me

Learn more about yourself and those around you through the ancient science of astrology with this fun, thorough book. 

Mystic Spells & Pyramid Socks

Get in the Halloween spirit from your head to your toes with these whimsical socks. 

Moonlight Garland

No Halloween party is complete without decorations, and this moonlight garland makes for magical decor all fall long. 

Give Em Hell & Wicked Woman Key Tags

Who says being wicked is a bad thing? Add some personality to your key ring with these fun key tags. 

Sage Bundles  

Clear out old ghosts and negative spirits by burning a sage bundle to promote peace and protection. It is important to remember that sage burning is a centuries-old sacred cleansing ritual that has its roots in Indigenous cultures, and should be thoughtfully practiced with respect paid to its origins.  

Zodiac Chart & Celestial Tote Bags

Upgrade your trick-or-treat bag with these vintage-inspired tote bags, featuring zodiac charts and constellations for an otherworldly look. 

Calhoun Moon Phases Tapestry Blanket

Scary movie marathons aren't complete without a blanket to snuggle (or hide) under, and this pretty moon phases tapestry blanket from Calhoun will keep you cozy and comforted. 

Astrology Card Set & Flower Zodiac Sticker Card Set

These astrology-themed card sets make a perfect Halloween treat, featuring cards, stickers, seed packs, and charms tailored to your star sign. 


Halloween isn't complete with everyone's favorite treat - candy! Stock up on chocolate, gummies, and caramels to indulge your sweet tooth on this special holiday.  

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