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Zodiac Gift Guide: Capricorn

Known for their practicality, determination, and elegant style, Capricorns know how to kick the new year off right and keep things moving forward. Celebrate your Capricorn bestie with all the things they'll need to check off their to-do list and look good while doing it. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Eve Hoops

Available in gold or silver plate, these hoops are both classic and modern and are perfect for transitioning from day to night, an important quality to practical Capricorns. 

Short Stack Cookbooks

Capricorns like to get really good at one thing, and they can work their way through a variety of delicious foods with these fun short-stack cookbooks authored by top culinary talents until they've perfected every ingredient in their kitchen. 

Everyday Oil

Capricorns know a good skincare routine starts with the basics. This Everyday Oil, available in Mainstay or unscented, features organic, cold-pressed plant oils that are suitable for face, body, and hair and will be the secret to Capricorns' effortless glow.

Lohn Candles

Featuring warm, earthy, scent notes like woodsmoke, vetiver, cardamom, and tonka bean, Capricorns will appreciate both the clean, modern packaging of these Lohn candles, as well as their complex yet cozy fragrances. 

The Michigan Gardener's Companion

Industrious Capricorns like to keep their homes cozy and their hands busy, making gardening the perfect activity for this earth sign. Whether they're growing herbs and fruits for their kitchen or flowers for their vases and sills, they possess the patience and determination to maintain a garden all year long. 

Ceramic Travel Mug

From late nights working on their latest project to vacations that they've planned down to a science, Capricorns will find much use for these ceramic travel mugs - and it doesn't hurt that they're beautifully handmade, either. 

Flora Clip Set

These pretty hair clip sets will help keep Capricorns looking sharp and pulled together whether at work or at home. 

Healing Herbs Print

This print is as informative as it is pretty, and features herbs that earth sign Capricorn will appreciate for their multi-use properties. 

2023 Planners

As cardinal signs, Capricorns are self-starters and are eager to kick off the new year with their trademark organization and planning. These planners will give them the tools they need to stay on top of their never-ending to-do list.

Dram Apothecary Bitters

Featuring herbs from the Colorado mountains, these bitters make a great addition to cocktails or sparkling water, and will appeal to earth sign Capricorn's elevated tastes. 

The Single Heart Necklace

Though Capricorns can seem emotionally distant, they possess a deep well of care and sensitivity. They'll appreciate the simplicity and elegance of this pretty heart necklace, and it can serve as a reminder that it's okay wear their heart on their sleeve (or their neck). 

Flower Paper Kit

This fun kit merges some of Capricorns favorite things: stationary, flowers, and learning a new skill. 

French All-Natural Soap

Imported from France, Capricorns will appreciate the simple, all-natural ingredients of these cleansing, fragrant soaps. 

Brass Plant Mister

Capricorns are great at caring for plants, and this brass plant mister will make a great addition to their home decor as well as being a handy tool. 

Avocado Toast Socks

Capricorns know the importance of a well-balanced breakfast, and these socks are a cute nod to their morning routine. 

Recipe Boxes 

Capricorns are masters of organization, and they'll love a pretty place to save their most treasured recipes. 

Apothecary Brown Glass Candles

The woodsy, earthy smells of these classic candles from Paddywax will transport Capricorns to a peaceful place and complement their minimalist decor.

Memo Notepads

Nobody knows how to check off a to-do list like a Capricorn, and these cute notepads will help them do so in style. 

Tapered Tumbler Kits 

Multi-tasking Capricorns will love the ease of growing these self-watering plants and using the herbs and flowers to freshen up their kitchen and home.

Copper Cow Pour Over Kits

With their never-ending hard work ethic, projects at hand, and tasks to accomplish, Capricorns rely on their caffeine, and these pour over kits will ensure high quality coffee for their busy days. 

Market Bags

Whether running to the farmer's market, grocery store, or library, these cute reusable market bags are perfect for on-the-go Capricorns with a mind toward sustainability. 

Pooley Vase

This cute bud vase is perfect for collecting different kinds of flowers and will appeal to Capricorns' sense of classic, modern style. 

Bagel Making Kits

Crafty Capricorns will achieve anything they set their mind to, and these bagel making kits are a fun way for them to polish up their skills in the kitchen and learn a new hobby all in one. 

Cocktail, Wildflower, & Harvest Tea Towels

As educational as they are pretty, Capricorns will appreciate learning the names of these herbs, flowers, and plants as they clean up their (probably already spotless) kitchen. 

Michelle Obama & Dolly Parton Pins 

Celebrate your favorite Capricorn by gifting them a pin of their favorite Capricorn -  Michelle Obama or Dolly Parton!

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