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Arbor Day Collection

Be a friend to Mother Nature this Arbor Day by celebrating the diversity and beauty of her #1 creation, the tree. From pines and firs to maples and oaks, there's no limit to the bounty trees provide. Click the links or the photos below to shop!

Tree Growing Kit

There's no better day to plant a tree than Arbor Day, and these kits make it fun and easy to plant either a sycamore, a spruce, or a pine - or better yet, all three!

Champion Trees Mug

From redwoods to Joshua trees, the diversity of trees is never-ending, and this cute mug from Claudia Pearson. celebrates all the different species.  

Juniper Ridge Teas

Harvested from Douglas Fir trees, these teas offer a new, delicious way to relax with nature.

Michigan Trees & Wildflowers Folding Pocket Guide

Explore the natural beauty of Michigan with this handy folding pocket guide that will help you identify the huge variety of trees and wildflowers in the Great Lakes State.

Crystal Growing Tree Kit

Fall is maple trees' time to shine, and this super fun DIY kit is a blast for kids and adults to watch their very own crystallized fall foliage thrive. 

Juniper Ridge Body Wash

Bring the fresh, earthy scents of a forest right into your bathroom with these body washes featuring scent notes found in the canopy forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Arboretum Puzzle

You'll be an arboretum-expert after completing this 1000-piece puzzle, featuring a vintage-inspired illustration celebrating the diversity of trees.

Animals and Plants of Michigan Print

This beautiful print features the sugar maple, oak tree, and eastern white pine found in Michigan, and the cute creatures that thrive in the forests where they're found. 


From pine and woods to cedar and evergreen, we have a huge selection of candles that will help you bring the scent of nature right into your home.

Incenses & Air Fresheners

If you're more of an incense person, we have a wide range that will help fill your space with scent notes found in the forest, and even some air fresheners for on-the-go relaxation.

Michigan State Symbols Collection

Celebrate Michigan with this collection of state symbols, including the apple blossom and eastern white pine.

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