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Powder to Foam Face Cleanser

Powder to Foam Face Cleanser

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Valor Skincare was founded by Susie Grace with a mission to empower people to take care of their bodies and our beautiful Earth. Each product is made in small batches in Michigan with only the best natural ingredients. This Powder to Foam Face Cleanser is ideal for gentle cleansing and brightening. The gentle, non-striping, and exfoliating cleanser is formulated without water to keep the ingredients minimal yet potent. Round amber pieces team with pumpkin powder to gently enzyme+mechanically exfoliate, bentonite clay detoxes the pores, and honey and white willow bark help cleanse and tone the skin. Green tea is there to help tone and add needed antioxidants, while coconut milk keeps the skin moisturized, giving you clean and radiant skin.  

Superstar Ingredients: coconut milk (hydrating) honey (cleansing) pumpkin (enzyme exfoliating) round amber pieces (exfoliating) banana (hydrating) white willow bark (toning) rose + bentonite clay (detoxing + nourishing) green tea (antioxidant + toning)

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