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Postcard Chocolate Bars

Postcard Chocolate Bars

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We cant get over how fun these Postcard Chocolate Bars are! Yes, your read that right, this a chocolate bar you can send in the mail! Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging and comes in selection of funky flavors. Just take it to any post office and ship it off for a few dollars, all around the world! It makes such a sweet “thinkin’ of you, boo” gift.


  • Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry blonde is a 28% white chocolate bar. Delicious strawberry chocolate with crunchy puffed rice.
  • Tiger Butter - Tiger butter is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Swirled with peanut butter chocolate, it's a little salty and a little sweet. Milky and sweet, with salty peanut butter striped in. It's a peanut butter lovers dream.
  • Cereal and Mlik - Cereal & milk is a 28% white chocolate bar. Slightly sweet cereal with freeze-dried marshmallows. The best way to describe this bar: imagine the leftover milk from the sugary cereal you ate while watching Saturday morning cartoons.
  • Whatever! - Whatever! Is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Swirled with white chocolate and cookies.
  • Happy Birthday! - Happy Birthday! is a 28% white chocolate bar. An entire birthday cake goes right into the chocolate wheel when they make this bar. You read that right! Cake, icing, and sprinkles, all loaded in for the happiest b-day.
  • Party in my Mouth - Party in my mouth is a 28% white chocolate bar. Crunchy sprinkles and popping candy makes for a fun bar to eat!
  • Matcha - Matcha is a 28% white chocolate bar. Sweet chocolate and high-quality matcha green tea become a perfect match.
  • Dark - Dark is a 70.5% dark chocolate bar. Smooth, deep dark chocolate, for the true chocolate lover.

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