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Linnea's Lights Candle - City Bird

Linnea's Lights Candle

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With every batch handcrafted in small runs in nearby Indiana, Linnea’s Lights' elegant vegan-soy wax candles feature timeless and beautiful scents, well-balanced cold and hot fragrance throw, and long burn times. Every candle comes packaged in a beautiful paper canister, and includes signature matches affixed to the lid. Small votive candles are 2.5oz and 3-¾” tall, with a 15-hour burn time. The large, two-wick candles are 11oz, stand 4-⅜” high, and feature an impressive 60-hour burn time. Made in the USA. Scent notes: Sea Salt: a delicate scent with notes of ocean mist, briny kelp, and fresh citrus. Belgian Linen: a clean scent with notes of florals, sea air, and golden flax. Cashmere: a rich scent with elements of herbal patchouli, vanilla, and lime. Persian Lime: a measured citrus scent with notes of tart lime, grapefruit, and vetiver. Grapefruit: a balanced, bright scent with elements of pink grapefruit, ginger, and oakmoss.

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