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Candymaker - Peppermint + Madder Root Powder Soap - City Bird

Candymaker - Peppermint + Madder Root Powder Soap

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In 2012 Motor City Soap founder, Caitlyn Pisarski, became inspired by a soap-making workshop she attended in the city. She was already aware of the harm of synthetics in her food but only then did she consider the products she used on her skin. The result is a line of 100% certified organic soaps, which utilize a range of olive, coconut, and palm oils, and whose aromas come from pure essential oils. Pisarski counts utility as a main feature of her soaps, and these gender neutral bars are gentle on the skin and extremely moisturizing, meaning they can be used on face or body. Each bar is 4oz and handmade in Detroit, MI.

Scent: Peppermint and Madder Root Powder 

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