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Crow & Moss Chocolate Bars

Crow & Moss Chocolate Bars

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This artisan, bean-to-bar chocolate comes to you from scenic Petoskey, MI, along Lake Michigan, where Mike Davies has been obsessively perfecting the craft of chocolatiering. The operation has grown from his basement all the way to a sprawling 2,000 foot factory space. Each bar is made using traditional techniques and the highest quality ingredients.


  • Brazilian Santos Coffee - hailing from the Santos region of southern Brazil, the beans we use in this deeply earthy chocolate blend are dried within the coffee cherry, infusing the coffee with a sweet, fruity aroma that pairs well with the rich, fudgy character of the chocolate. Ingredients: cacao blend, organic cane sugar, brazilian santos coffee.
  • Earl Grey Tea - get your afternoon tea fix on with this perfect fusion of fudgy, decadent chocolate infused with the citrusy, floral notes of fresh Bergamot and the crisp, malty flavor of Earl Grey tea. Ingredients: Cacao blend, organic cane sugar, organic earl grey tea.
  • Apple Crumble - inspired by the world's most comforting dessert, this creamy oat milk chocolate makes everything feel just a little more right with the world. Laced with cinnamon spiced apples, the bar is finished off with a crunchy oat topping sweetened with honey from our very own Crow & Moss bee hives. Dairy free and vegan. 
  • Bolivian Rose Salt - flaky rose-colored salt crystals, rich dark chocolate and organic cane sugar create an electrifying trinity in this sweet and savory bar. Mined by hand from ancient mineral deposits deep within the Andes Mountain range, the flaky, pale rose crystals provide the perfect mineral zing, awakening the very deepest essence of chocolaty richness. Ingredients: Cacao blend, organic cane sugar, bolivian rose salt.
  • Honduras Wampusirpi - the beans for this bar come from a remote part of north-eastern Honduras, accessible only by two day's journey via canoe. While not certified organic, the beans are grown according to traditional farming practices without the use of any chemicals. The chocolate is earthy and deep with a malty, almost mocha-like finish. Tasting notes honey, banana, toasted walnut. Origin: Honduras Wampusirpi 2018 harvest. Ingredients: honduras wampusirpi cacao, organic cane sugar.
  • Dominical Zorzal - the organic, direct-trade beans for this bar come from Dr Charles Kerchner's 1,019-acre bird sanctuary in the mountainous Reserva Zorzal, where the beans are grown, dried and fermented with meticulous attention to detail. It is the first cacao to receive Bird Friendly® certification. The chocolate is a bold explosion of fruity sweetness with a well-rounded finish. Tasting notes: cherry, caramel, spice. Origin: dominican republic zorzal Ingredients: organic dominican republic zorzal cacao, organic cane sugar.


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