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Tea Sip - 1oz

Tea Sip - 1oz

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Born with the rebellious ambition to think outside the teabag, Tea Sip is dedicated to curating tea experiences for the individual, using only all natural, organic, and wild harvested ingredients. What's on the leaf ends up in the cup, and what ends up in the cup we want to be pure goodness. No artificial flavors. Just delicious, healthy tea. Each bag features 1oz of loose leaf tea. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Grey - "Earl got a makeover" In this Earl's makeover, we jazzed up the typical bergamot citrus brew with a zing of bitter orange peel and floral pop of elder flower and roses. This is a well-balanced remix for the Earl Grey lover. This will surely show you there is more than one shade to Mr. Grey. Ingredients: organic black tea, organic orange peel, organic licorice root, natural flavor, organic elder flower, organic rose.
  • Lavender Honey - "The Bees Knees." Field fresh lavender and smooth sweet honey combine with a caramel, earthy black tea base to create a wonderfully floral honey brew. You'll be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Ingredients: organic black tea, organic lavender, organic calendula, organic stevia leaf, natural flavor.
  • Masalsa Chai - "Chai it, you'll like it." *world tea expo 1st place award winner* Traditional indian chai spices combine with a bold black base in this robust warming brew. Sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger, and aromatic clove and cardamom combine to lift your mood. Delicious straight but also craveable when crafted latte style. Just chai it, we think you'll like it a-latte. Ingredients: organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic clove, organic ginger root, organic licorice root, organic anise. 
  • Purple Haze - "Touch the sky" Blackcurrant, blueberry, and schisandra berries combine with tart hibiscus to create a complex dark berry brew that engulfs the senses from tangy to sweet. Get ready for this berry sipadelic experience. organic oolong tea, organic blueberry, organic elder flower, organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic schisandra berry, natural flavor.
  • Snooze - "I'm great in bed.'' Get ready to conk out with this lightly floral, honeyed-apple brew. Calming florals, chamomile and lavender, combine with antioxidant rich rooibos and honeybush, muscle relaxing banana, and sleep inducing valerian root to help you get your zzz's. Sweet dreams are indeed made of teas. Ingredients: organic green roobios, organic honeybush, organic chamomile, organic banana, organic valerian root, organic lavender, natural flavors, organic calendula. 

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