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Glow And Grow Kits

Glow And Grow Kits

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Burn, plant, and grow! These ceramic candle vessel transform into planters after their flame has burned down and comes with a complete kit to grow your very own aloe, daisies, or basil. The grow kit components are tucked in the bottom of the box and include non-GMO seeds, soilless grow medium, plant food, activated carbon and instructions for success.

Grow kit styles:

  • Desert Oasis - comes with a 12oz spa scented soy-blend candle features a light and calming combination of lemongrass, aromatic clary sage, and coconut notes grounded by warm cedarwood, plus seeds to grow your very own aloe plant after the candle is used up. 
  • Wildflower Fields - comes with 12oz wildflower scented soy-blend candle features a blissful and breezy combination of green geranium, lilac and eucalyptus notes grounded by warm rosewood, plus seeds to grow your very own daises after the candle is all used up.
  • Herb Garden - comes with a 12oz basil cocktail scented soy-blend candle features a refreshing combination of fresh basil, ginger, and lemon zest notes grounded by warm clove, plus seeds to grow your very own basil after the candle is all used up. 


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