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Single Bath Soak

Single Bath Soak

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Our favorite bath soaks from Daughter of the Land are now available as single packets! These beautifully packaged soaks are perfect for gifting, or for treating yourself to several different relaxing soaks. Packet size: 2oz. The packaging is 100% compostable, the pouch is printed with vegetable ink and the inner bag is made of renewable wood pulp. Handmade by Daughter of the Land. Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free. 


  • Cypress Bath Soak:  Forest fresh, clean, relaxing, a pacific wonderland.
  • Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak: Fields of fresh lavender after a fresh rain, calming.
  • Iris + Rosehips Bath Soak: Jasmine flowers, soft floral, spring, relaxation, calming.
  • Moon Mylk Bath Soak: Celestial fresh,  a walk on a clear starry evening, happy and calm.

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